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Technology and the Teacher

Different components of technology used in the classroom and how I manage them

Karen Gonzalez

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Technology and the Teacher

Students can work with technology at their desks/portable
Taking notes
Take pictures of steps in a project for presentations
Videos of science experiments to review their findings
Educational interactive applications
What are some good educational applications to use on tablets?
How do they benefit students?
Classroom Response System
Increases motivation and self-esteem
Students can use the same technology as adults
Ability to accomplish complex tasks
Increases student resources
Improves technological skills that students will need in society
Provides opportunities to be confident in exploring new technologies
Why Use Technology in the Classroom?
How does it benefit students?
How does it benefit students?
Students can participate without feeling embarrassed
Invokes classroom discussion
Promotes collaborative learning
Improves classroom attendance
Student's responses are changed into a visual representation
Students can see how different graphs can relate to real-life problems
More engaging for students than a standard lecture
Smart Board
How does it benefit the students?
Increases student motivation and self-esteem
Supports auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners
Students will be more actively engaged
Increases student communication and collaboration
Students can display computer presentations
Class can create graphic organizers
Students can make edits directly onto interactive white board
Students view the Smartboard as a novelty
Kidblog- student blogs
Storia- e-books
Starfall- ABC's and learning to read
PBS Kids- educational games
BrainPOP- educational movies
Math Bingo
StoryWheel- story sequencing
StoryKit- create a story
Vocabulary/Spelling City- class spelling lists
Discovery Education-videos covering CORE curriculum
MathBoard- math facts drills
Flashcards by Brainscape- student created flashcards
Stack the States-geography game for students to learn states and their information
What are some good free websites?
For math:
xtramath.org (tracking math facts)
ixl.com (math concepts)
For reading:
For history:
For science:
For class blogs:
For spelling and vocabulary:
For standards help:
What are some good websites for Smartboards?

How does it benefit the teacher?
Whole group visual display
Teacher can display science experiments, maps, important objects, photos or images, worksheets, art, etc.
Modeling and Demonstrations
Saving images

Entire class can see small details
Students can take turns "teaching the class"
Students can edit peer work or make corrections to classwork
Students can read along while teacher reads class books
Students can display their work, show and tell, art, or object of choice for classmates to see without worrying about it getting damaged
How does it benefit students?
Classroom Management
Students understand basic classroom rule of respect-not talking while someone else is talking.
Student of the week can bring show and tell, art or object of choice to class on Friday afternoon only.
Student "teaching the class" is picked by teacher, alternating boy/girl and dependent on behavior

Elmo Document Camera
Classroom Response System
How does it benefit the teacher?
Interactive lessons provide a structured delivery
Lessons and demonstrations are more thorough
Active engagement from class means less behavior management problems
Interactive web resources aid in teaching curriculum
Access to streaming videos, maps, online books (reading a-z projectables), etc.
Classroom Management
Classroom Management
Students will each have a responder indicated by number (not names) so students will feel comfortable answering questions.
Teacher will have master copy of students with the number of their responder for any management problems and grading.
Students do not turn on responders until instructed
Students are not to yell out answers or comment on other student's answers.
Students turn off responders when instructed
Only one student will use Smartboard at a time.
After each student uses the Smartboard, they will alternate boy/girl, not repeating students until all students have participated
Students that are in red (behavior problems that day) will not be allowed to use the Smartboard.
While using the Smartboard, the student must follow all directions.
How does it benefit the teacher?
Provides teacher with immediate feedback
Can stop on the spot and reinforce concepts
Results can be printed out
Reviewing answers can be done at end of the assessment or after each question
Whole group participation
Taking attendance, assessments, or multiple choice questions
Encourages participation from all students
Check for individual student understanding
Allows teacher to focus instruction on deficient areas
Reinforces curriculum
Provides an engaging and motivating center for students
Less space-consuming
Provides students with experience to touch screen technology
Students will perform better to earn privileges to work with technology
How does it benefit the teacher?
Classroom Management
Students rotate through as a center station
Students are only to access applications on Home Screen
Students are not allowed to download any applications
iPads must stay in station area
Students do not walk around with the iPads
Headphones must be worn at all times during use or turn volume off
Center leader and group leaders will notify teacher of any misuse
Students will lose iPad privilieges if they do not follow guidelines and use care while handling
How does it benefit students?
Reinforcement of educational curriculum
Programs provide students with instant feedback
Individual skilled reinforcement (videos, lessons, etc.)
Students are motivated to unlock new levels by achieving goals
More engaging method for students to take tests
Students can access and continue programs at home
Students can create various presentations
Easy for students to edit writing papers
Students can research information easily
How does it benefit the teacher?
Accelerated Reader keeps log of student books and scores
Programs provide teachers with individual student progress information
Makes grading easier
Programs allow teacher to choose or assess intervention programs for students
Exposes students to computer components and programs
Student writing is easier to access and easier for teacher to read

Classroom Management
Computer leader turns on/off computers at beginning and end of the day
Students will review proper usage
Students required to wear headphones at all times or turn volume off
Computers must be left as they were found, exit screen to home page
Students are only allowed to access websites with icons on the desktop, unless for research purposes
During assessments, students are not to go to same questions as their neighbor (cheating)
Students should be working while on computers, if they need help, they must ask their group leader or computer leader before asking the teacher for help. They are not allowed to ask other students.
If students do not follow instructions, they lose computer free time (or if during assessment, students must take paper version)
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