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Microsoft Word Shortcuts

No description

Heather Greene

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Microsoft Word Shortcuts Why use shortcuts? Why do something with three clicks of a mouse
when you can accomplish the same thing
by pressing a simple combination of keys? Letters
A, X, C, V, B, U, I CTRL or CTR key SHIFT key F3 key equal (=) key the keys you'll need to cut... CTRL + X to bold... to paste... to copy... to italicise... to underline... to change case
(lower case to
title case to
upper case)... to change
to all capitals... CTRL + C CTRL + V CTRL + B CTRL + I CTRL + U CTRL + SHIFT + A SHIFT + F3 Heather Greene
TEC 537 So... They are easy to memorize. They are easy to use. They save time. Use them! References List of keyboard shortcuts for word 2002,
word 2003, and word 2007. (2010).
Microsoft Support, Retrieved from
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290938 Brooks, S, & Byles, B. (2010). Using Keyboard
shortcuts in ms word . Internet 4
Classrooms, Retrieved from
msword_keyboard_ibm.htm Oracle. (2010). The mouse and keyboard.
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