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Lesson 5 Study Guide

No description

Library Media

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Lesson 5 Study Guide

Popular-If something is popular it is
well liked! Viewers-Viewers are people who watch something Independent- A person who is independent is
someone who does things on his or her own. Concealed- Something that is
concealed is covered up so it
can't be seen Survive-To survive is to remain alive, even
after great difficulties Camouflage- When something has camouflage,
it blends in with it's surroundings
Donated- Something that has been donated has
been given away for free Media-The many ways people communicate ,including newspapers, magazines , and t.v. are all part or the media Feature- When reporters
do a special report on a topic, the report is called a feature Image-An image is a picture of something or someone I hope you liked it
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