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Edward Tulane Presentation

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on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Edward Tulane Presentation

Brief Summary
The book began by describing who Edward Tulane is, where he lives and about who his owner is.
It tells us that Edward is a selfish rabbit who doesn't know how to love. It says he is spoiled.
In the middle, Edward is thrown overboard and that affects his owner Abilene who goes searching for him.
He meets many different people who teach him many things like love, loss, and patience
Soon Edward gets smashed in a diner which effects all his loved ones.
Edward gets fixed and displayed in a store, but good things happen. He is found by his real owner Abilene and her daughter Maddie.
Elements Of A Plot
I recommend this book to people who are
fine with bad stuff happening to the character. If you don't like sad stuff, don't read it! I liked it, so if I were you I'd read it. It is a little sad and
I don't really like sad stuff, but it is still a good book. I recommend this to most people.
Peer Recommendation
Edward Tulane Presentation
The theme of this book is about a rabbit who learns
about love, loss, and patience. Mostly it's about how the world isn't all about losing people and/or things. This book is tragic, yet it grabs your attention fast.
Once there was a
girl named Abilene.
She had a china rabbit. His name was Edward. Abilene loved Edward, but he didn't love her. He was selfish. One day they went on a ship, and Edward went overboard. A fisher found him, and
brought him to his wife, Nellie. Nellie helped Edward be thankful. He met Bull and Lucy, Bryce, and Sarah Ruth. Eventually he started to care and love. After a while he found his way home.
Character Development
Simile And/Or Metaphor
In "The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane" it's hard to find similes or metaphors, but you'll find them. For example, "Pelligrina's eyes shone like black stars in the sky" is a metaphor in the book. Another is Pelligrina's story about the princess and the warthog is a metaphor about love. The first one is about how Pelligrina's eyes scare Edward and remind him of the black stars at night. A simile that I made up about the book is, " This book is as tragic as the Titanic."
and Clara
In the beginning Edward is very selfish.He doesn't love Abilene.He just likes Abilene because she gives him a lot of fancy clothes.

In the middle Edward is not as selfish.He kind of knows what love is.He doesn't really care about what type of clothes he wears.

In the end Edward isn't selfish at all.He's opened up his heart more.He is way more loving than he was in the beginning.
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