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Does our state do enough to prevent distracted driving?

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franklin peroff

on 25 May 2014

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Transcript of Does our state do enough to prevent distracted driving?

Distracted Driving
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The phone rings, you look down at the middle counsel and pick up your phone while driving seventy five miles per hour on the highway with one hand. Your children are screaming in the background over a hot wheels car, buckled in the back seat. You drop your phone, bend down to grab it and your sweaty hand slips of the leather steering wheel and your car goes flying into the wall separating the two lanes going opposite directions. You car goes up in flames and you have met the end of the lives of three people. This all could be prevented if phones all together were against the law in the state of Florida. Studies show that drivers who are talking on the phone while driving are four times more likely to get into an accident than people who are not talking on the phone. Some people say that the hand-free calling systems like the ones in cars are more safe, but that is false because what causes the distraction is not the hands not being on the wheel but the individuals mental focus. Driving is most definitely a privilege, and along with freedom, driving demands high mental alertness, selective attention, and focus. Florida should set laws that prevent the phones and if police officials see the phone in your hand they could pull you over and give you a ticket. But phones are allowed in Florida, and death caused by distracted drivers is still increasing. Hopefully in the near future, someone will put an end to phone use while driving.

Does our state do enough to prevent distracted driving?
The state of Florida does not do enough to prevent distracted driving because calling while driving is still allowed
The life of a typical high school student consists of endless hours of studying and work during the week and nothing but freedom and irresponsibility on the weekends. Teenagers like to hang out with their friends at the beach or at the mall during the day, but at night like to party and drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Some teens stay up until midnight drinking and then realize that they have to be home or they get their car taken away. They then get into their white BMW and drive home intoxicated and endanger the lives on everyone, including themselves on the road. Teenage brains are not developed until they’re in their early twenties and studies have shown that sixteen year old have higher crash rates than any other age. Also teenagers may think its more fun to speed and show off to the passengers in their car. But what they don’t know is that crash risk for teenage drivers increases with each mile per hour over the speed limit they’re going. Also, teenagers driving their friends around is a very big distraction. Looking over your shoulder to talk to your friends causes your focus to leave the road and go else where which increases the chance of an accident. Statistics show, from do something.org that sixteen and seventeen year old driver death rates increase with each additional passenger. The state should put a limit on how many passengers you can have in your car as a teen driver, just like the highway system in that in the fast lane that you must have two passengers. Teenagers need to be regulated more and have more rules and regulations they must follow in order to drive. Florida needs to regulate the roads and regulate teenage driving more.

The state of Florida does not do enough to prevent distracted driving because regulation of teens driving is very limited.
The state of Florida does enough to prevent distracted driving because they set some curfews on teen drivers, drinking and driving is illegal, and the driving age is sixteen so small teens aren’t driving by themselves. The state sets curfews on new teen drivers so they aren’t driving late at night which helps regulate the teens on the road after hours. This is a very good thing because teenagers should not be out to late because they need their sleep to rejoice for the next day, and these restrictions and regulations on teen driving very late encourages this. Also, the fact that drinking and driving is illegal puts a major road block in the individuals that decide to go out and party and drink. Even though teenage drivers are less likely to get behind the wheel of the car under the influence than adults, there is still a risk but the fact that it is illegal defiantly weakens the probability of teenagers driving. Most of the time these individuals will then hire a driver, or taxi service so they aren’t driving in an altered state of mind. Also, the driving age to get your license is sixteen and at the age sixteen you are mature enough to make the right decisions so that age to drive is good. Age sixteen is a major developmental step in becoming an adult, an this encourages teenagers to become more responsible and make the right decision when driving and not being distracted while driving.
You’re life flashes through your eyes when your valuable little body is being thrown at the windshield of your mother’s car as you look over and see your mothers phone in her hand. Your phone, along with many other things, is distracting drivers from paying attention and may be the cause of your death. Just put your phone down for the duration of the time you’re in the car, or decide to be the designated driver when going out with your friends, it only takes one time to take your live. Many people claim to be amazing drivers, and if that's true that's amazing, but what about the intoxicated driver that is driving behind you, he is not the best driver and may hurt you and someone needs to put a stop to this. The state of Florida is a beautiful state, but in order for our state to actually be beautiful is to lower the deaths caused by distracted drivers. Distracted drivers could be someone who is texting, calling, putting their makeup on, or an intoxicated teen. Distraction while driving is a weapon, you are focusing your eyes and mind on other things besides the road heightening the risk of accidents. The state of Florida does not do enough to prevent distracted driving because calling while driving is still allowed and regulation of teens driving is also very limited. The state does not have a law preventing phone use for talking which is one of the main causes of distracted driving. These facts along with many more are the reason why the state of Florida does not do enough to prevent distracted driving.
The state of Florida does not do enough to prevent distracted driving because calling while driving is still allowed and regulation of teens driving is also very limited. Families are being killed because of the distracted mothers and fathers driving while on the phone loosing control because they feel like the phone is more important than the steering wheel. Also teenagers are generally irresponsible when going over the speed limit and when they are driving with their friends, which then makes them distracted, and the state of Florida should regulate the roads more and keep drunk teenagers off the road. Some simple regulatory laws that regard the roads will put a stop to the increase of fatalities caused by distracted drivers. Stop cell phone use in cars, the state should stop allowing car companies to promote phone use in cars by putting in systems like all star. Florida will hopefully one day be a safe place when it comes to the roads and distracted driving will cease to exist. 

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