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Lean on Me Part 6 and 7


Omer Ghous

on 22 November 2011

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Transcript of Lean on Me Part 6 and 7

Lean On Me Part 6 By: Omer Ghous 1.a) How Does Ms.Levias Break Through To Mr.Clark? I think that in this chapter Mr.Clark finally realized that he was too tough on the teachers and students. After Miss.Levias talked to him and told him how her and all the teachers feel like when he yells at them for no reason. They think he's a lunatic, a pain in the ass, a jerk and gets mad at you when he is in a bad mood and is stressed out. He takes his anger out on them. He realized that he was wrong and should take it easier on them. He realized that he didn'y appreciate any of the teachers hard work to help to school become a better place. He finally started to realize that he was being rude and selfish. If Ms.Levias hadn't have found the courage to speak up to him then he wouldn't have changed and realized his mistake.If he had not realized this then Miss.Levias would have transferred to a different school and when he did get arrested, the students might have not came to cheer for Mr.Clark. Mr.Clark learned that Ms.Levias and all the teachers were having a better relationship after he had talked to Mr.Clark. Mr.Clark apoligized to Ms.Levias while he made a speech infront of the school the day of the Basic Skills Test. Ms.Levias crumpled the paper and was now smiling. Thanks to Ms.Levias, he had finally realized that he was wrong. In this chapter Ms.Levias found Mr.Clark in the hallway alone and asked him to be transferred. Mr.Clark asked why and Ms.Levias said you are selfish, ego and self centered. How he cares about nobody but himself. She say's that all the teachers are doing the same thing and working hard as he is to try to make this school a better place and at the end of the day he dosen't even stop to say thank you, job well done.. She calls him a bully and tells him the same people that supporting you, your beating them up. How he is constantly abusing them and critisizing them. He snapping their necks. How most of the teachers are here to help these students and they care and how the teachers suffer and take home what happens everyday the same as Mr.Clark does and they are part of those childrens lives. She tells him he is thoughtless and cruel and she and the teachers are sick of it. What Realization does Joe Clark come to in this Chapter? 1.b) Fill out the charachter development chart for Ms.Levias Handed in on Paper In one Phrase what do you think the Message of this Story is? "Anything is Possible if You Work at it"

This is the phrase im using because throughout the movies this what Joe Clark is trying to do.He is tring to get the test scores from 33% to 75% and above. He is trying to change the school so that they can get thier reputation back. So that people will stop critisizing the school for what they think it is. If Mr.Clark never thought it was possible or if he didnt have hope then thier wouldn't be any Eastside High anymore. The people outside the school are thinking that the students are just some white and black stupid people who don't do anything but start fights, vandalise and destry things and are not worth teaching. But Mr.Clark proved them wrong. He change Eastside that nobody believed it was Eastside High anymore. He helped the students to learn and helped them with thier problems. If it wasn't for Joe Clark and the staff and students of Esatside High, if they didn't think that it was possible to transform Eastside High from a pile of trash then they would be what everyone thought they were. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU WORK AT IT. Like the wright brothers trying to make a flying machine and Mr.Clark changing Eastside High which people believed was not possible. Lean On Me Part 7 Beginning Middle Climax Conclusion Complete the Story Flow Map The school was out of control and Joe Clark was hired as principal of Eastside High to Change the school and help the school pass the Basic Skills Test by getting a school average of 75% and the school last year got 33%. He had 6 months to do that. He started by removing all of the drug dealers and students who did nothing but cause trouble out of the school. Him and the students started to bond. Mr.Clark had started to bond with the students and they became friends but was hard on the teachers and never appreiciated anything they did. He helped the students through thier problems and issues and tryed to keep the students safe. One student he had thrown out had come back with a weapon and was a threat so he chained the door so nothing like that would happen again. It was illegal to do that beacsue it was part of the the Fire department rules and was a saftey hazard to the students and on of the parents were trying to get him fired and replaced. He did it to protect the students and make them feel safe. The students had gotten 35% on the state practice test and Mr.Clark was mad. The students took the Basic Skills Test with Confidence and they knew that this was what they were working for. That this was the fate of Eastside High. Ms.Levias got fed up of Mr.Clark at talked to him about a transfer and how her and all the teachers felt and what they were going through and how they were sick and tired of his behaviour. Mr.Calrk had finally realized that he was wrong and how he was to hard on them and never thanked them for thier hard work. He thanked Ms.Levias during one of his speeches infront of the school and Ms.Levias crumpled the transfer sheet meaning she was staying. From then on thier relationship grew stronger and and that effcted the story alot. The fire chief got a court order to get into the school finally and they got Mr.Clark thrown in jail. The teachrs and all the student were really sad and angry and were wondering what they were gonna do without them. While Mr. Clark was in jail, the entire school came to city hall and they were cheering "Free Mr.Clark" while they had a hearing about Mr.Clark and the fate of his job. They were trying to get him fired. The mayor and the people heard the students and came out. They were telling them to leave but they didn't. The mayor asked Mr.Clark to ask them to leave before they got hurt. Mr.Clark went out and tryed to but they didn't want to. At that same thime Ms.Levias came with the Results for the Basic Skills Test. He found out that the school had passed it and they were all cheering. The mayor let Mr.Clark keep his job and continue as the Principal of Eastside High. Ms.Barlett, the parent who wanted Mr.Clark fired was furious and angry. The students in Grade 12 graduated and and Eastside Pride continued as it was once 20 years ago. Upon watching the Graduation, what would you imagine the charachters "inner toughts. Write a journal entry about thier year at Eastside High. Kanesha Carter:
I am so glad that Mr.Clark took over Eastside High. Before the students were out of control and the teachers did not do anything but watch them in shock and wouldn't even try to help to improve. We were failing our test and the school would have shut down if it wasn't for Mr.Clark. He kicked the students out who were doing nothing but making the school worse for the students who care like me harder to learn and feel safe. He helped the looks of the school by getting rid of the graffiti off the walls which made our school look like a pig sty. He helped me talk to my mother when she didn't want me anymore and helped her get a job and make her help me with my studies and be there for me. I took the Basic Skills Test with confidence beacuse i knew i was gonna pass, Mr.Clark's speeches always made me feel better.Eastside High had really changed. When i found out that i was pregnant, i didn't know what to do, or who to talk to, or what would happen. But Mr.Clark helped me out and made me feel better then i was before i talked to him. When he got arrested, i was thinking, who was going to run this school, who was going to help us with our problems beacuse he was like a father to me, a father that i never had. We all went as a school to cheer Mr.Clark and make the government think that they had made a wrong desicion about putting Mr.Clark in jail. They told us to leave but we didn't. When Mr.Clark came out i was thought they let him go. We were screaming and cheereing. Then he told us to leave but we refused to. Ms.Levias handed something to Mr.Clark and when Mr.Clark said that we had passed the Basic Skills Test, thats when everyone was yelling, screaming and was the most happiest. Mr.Clark had gotten out of prison and they let him be our principal. I graduated finally with hope and confidence because of Mr.Clark, a father i had never had.
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