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Diana Vodopyanova

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Ecosystems

Rain Forest vs Desert The Difference between the rain forest and the desert is the rain forest gets the most rain in a year and a flash flood can happen very fast and the desert gets very little rain a year because its always got in the morning and always cold at night Ecosystems Oceans vs Forest The difference between oceans and the forest is that the ocean is underwater and the forest is above land Functions of Oranism Producers are a big part of nature because
they are Plants and Green Stuff Consumers are a big part of nature because it is an organism that feeds on other organic matter or organisms that can't make it own food Decomposers are a big pat of nature because decomposers are an organism that breaks down tissue of a dead organism Why is there so many animals in an ecosystem? There are so many animals in the ecosystem because
the climate of the ecosystem and the food in the ecosytem because animals that live in the rainforest can' lve in the tiaga because it's to cold in the tiaga and if there is no right food then all the animals will die The role of light, temprature, and soil The role of light is imprtant becase if there is no light then animals wouldnt get warm very easly and the sun gives plants nutrients and then bugs eat the plants and then the bigger animals eat them and so on... The role of temprature is important because animals live in different tempratures and if animals all lived in one place like the tiaga then some of the animals that are not used to the cold temprature will die and then the ones that are used to it will live The role of soil is imporant because soil gives plants nutrients and them a chance to live and then bugs eat them and then animals eat te bugs and so on.... Mouse vs Snake Snakes and mice don't interact very good
with eachother because the snake when it's
hungray it can it mice and when the mouse is
hungrey it can't do nothing not even eat the
snake Plant vs Bug Some bugs are very nice to plants because
because they don't eat them but other are
mean because they eat the plants and they
make holesin the plants Affects Some affects that humans make are
cutting down the trees and not letting
animals have protection.

Another way is that the humans pollut
their area and kill them Recycling ;) Materials that are recyled are
recyled by decomposers because decomposers
break down matterial so they can have food :)
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