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Blue Remember Hill Design Ideas

No description

Annie Zuniga

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Blue Remember Hill Design Ideas

Blue Remember Hill Design Ideas
Stage design
--> Fake trees, little whole to the audience for the
scene where the kids hide them self tiny bushes
--> Bale of straws inside and and outside next to the door
Door is to the audience and wide open, ground full off straw
--> Maybe tiny bushes around the Stage, Fake flowers
Light Desgin
The Stage - Proscenium Arch
I choose the Proscenium Arch Stage, because...
Seperated in 3 parts ( W., B. and F. )
You can see all actors ( Front )
easier with light design
Other Probs
Most of the Probs a little bit bigger then normal, so last row can see them
For the girls: --> Buggy and Doll Dinah
For the Boys: --> Apple ( Big ), Fake squirrel,
the matches for Donald

Cloths in the Style of the second world war
Donald Cloths dirty
Idea script for cloths --> Raymond Cowboy Hat and bell with gun
girls dresses white socks, Audry glasses
Boys shorts, shirts in shorts
Make up
Donald dirty face/ hair not brushed } abused child
Girls brushed hair Ponytail or something like this ( not open )
Other boys a little bit dirty not to much ( like boys are with seven years )
naturel make up not to much

Blue Rememberd Hills
Presen- tation by Annie
Stage and Light
Light on the scene so audience know where they have to look. ATTENTION on the scenes --> green light for the wood, normal light for
barn and field
--> the fire flash lights and smoke mashine light
orange red colour
Porbs and Costumes
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