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Peter Pan

Students: if you missed class watch the presentation and follow the instructions for your assignment. Also, I do not own the rights for any of these videos.

Alexandria Zaldivar

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Peter Pan

Character Break Down
James Hook
Second Star to the Right and Straight On Till Morning!
Peter Pan, the boy from childhood dreams, is real. He lives in a land called Neverland. This land is filled with pirates, fairies, indians and strange and unexpected perils on every turn.
What makes Peter different is inability to age. He is willingly trapped in boyhood, and joyously fly's from one adventure to the next.
First Sighting of Neverland
Happy Thoughts
There You are Peter
Welcome to Neverland
Peter and Wendy written by: J. M. Barrie (1904)
Disney's Peter Pan (1953)
Hook (1991)
Finding Neverland (2004)
Neverland Mini Series (2011)
Once Upon a Time (2013)
Peter Pan LIVE NBC (Dec. 2014)
Pan (2015)
Imagination is Key
To Die would be An Awfully Big Adventure!
If You Believe
Finding Neverland
Peter Pan
Wendy Darling
Tinker Bell
A pirate of "good form" and noble beginnings
Peter's true enemy: a grown up.
His only great adventure left is death.
Constantly fears the crocodile, and the sight of his own blood.
Captain James "Jas" Hook
The Personification of imagination, youth and eternal boyhood.
Is known for killing all grow-ups and lost boys who appear to be aging.
Incredibly cocky.
"I want to always be a little boy and to have fun. So I ran away to Kensignton Gardens and lived a long long time among the fairies" (Barrie 341).
Peter Pan
Classic Victorian girl set out to be the ideal mother for Peter and the Lost Boys.
Jealous and stubborn.
Later adopts the Lost Boys.

"These are my last words, dear boys,' she said firmly. 'I feel that I have a message to you from your real mothers, and it is this: 'we hope our sons will die like English gentlemen.'"
Wendy Moira Angela Darling
Neverland Fairy.
Can only feel one emotion at a time
prone to mood swings.
In love with Peter Pan.
Serves as an example of childhood emotions.
'Tink" Tinker Bell
Personification of the grim reaper or death.
"I suppose it's like the ticking crocodile, isn't it? Time is chasing after all of us, isn't that right?"
Unveil Neverland
"John's for instance had a lagoon with flamingos flying over it... he lived in a boat turned upside down on the sands"
"Michael had a flamingo with lagoons flying over it... he lived in a wigwam."
Each person has a Neverland dedicated and created uniquely for themselves.
The Assignment
Create your very own Neverland in two parts.

. Present to the class a world created by you as an escape from the Victorian Era. The character representation in Neverland must be similar: personification of youth and death. It must have a villain and a unique method of escaping.

. Explain whether or not the idea of Neverland is still needed as an escape in today's society and why.

Create a visual example to present to the class. It can be a poster board, picture, song, or video. Let your imagination go wild.
Due: Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Peter Becomes Pan
The End of Hook
It is Never Just Anything
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