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McDonald's Presentation

Computer Class 2013

Lauren McKelly

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of McDonald's Presentation

* McDonalds *
(By: Lauren McKelly) Ray Kroc 1940 McDonalds Bar-b-Q. opened by Dick & Mac McDonald.
Ray Kroc Was inspired. Ray Kroc Ray Kroc opened mcdonalds.
which is a flourishing resturaunt. 1948 1949 1955 This is when Ray Kroc actually opened up his own McDonalds, and became a huge icon. 1975 Dick & Mac Mcdonald shut down and reopened their resturaunt.
they also made a few big changes! Mcdonalds became an even more flourishing restaruant! Mcdonalds 2013 So now you know how the McDonalds you go to today was founded, the reason it was oppened and who madethe delicious meals you eat probably once a month or more! 1979 1987 2000 2006 2009
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