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Heineken Strategic Procurement


David van Oosten

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Heineken Strategic Procurement

6. EVALUATION 5. EXPEDITING 4. ORDERING 3. CONTRACTING PHASE 2. SELECTING SUPPLIER 1. SPECIFICATIONS INTRODUCTION “Procurement for cardboard trays for Heineken to pack cans of beer in the Netherlands.” Assignment Five different requirements:

•Commercial PROCUREMENT PROCESS Specifications
Selecting supplier
Contracting phase
Evaluation Find suppliers
Quotation Price
Delivery conditions
Sign the contract - Make the order
- Authorization
- Ordering for support
of the procurement strategy
- Efficient ordering routines
- No maverick buying
- Retain data
Delivery dates
Administration 5. Expediting - Expediting must support the
procurementstrategy of the company
- Create structured routes for
the expediting proces (input/output)

- Control of order versus expediting
- Checklists - Measure and administrate the
vendor performance
- Organizing the procurement and supplier documentation
- Recording project evaluations (calculation/performance)
Quality management
Groep Två
Rick Geilenkirchen
David van Oosten
Malissa Wansleeben
Cornelia Hertzman
Ben Akkerman
7. Porter 5 forces 8. Market Position - Good position
- Differentiatie
- helpfull suppliers the package is a leverage/routine product!, the beer a strategic one for shops.

Supplier: Routine so nuisance strategy Substitute -Easy product
-Wine or mixes.
=> Age and commercials
- Malt beverages
- high risk
- competitive market
- no new in top 3 since WOII Buyer
- No loyalty to brand
- Convince people Supplier
- Less breweries
- Horizontal merges
- Demands of the packaging Rivalry - National
- Regional
- Micro brewers Superior taste!
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