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Vivian Le

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of OSSAA

What does OSSAA stand for? OSSAA is the:

Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association. What does OSSAA do? Why is it important to know? 1. Because you're in speech and debate.

2. Everyone will write an Original Oratory, which is an OSSAA individual event. Think outside the box! Remember you're trying to persuade an audience! They are in charge of
rules, regulations, and classifications of.... sports music (band/orchestra/vocal) Speech and Debate and the academic bowl. Now that you know what OSSAA is, lets talk about speech events! In speech and debate, you go
to competitions with your school-- we call this a "tournament". There are 10 Individual Events aka I.E. Speech I.E: Abbreviation: Time Limit:

Standard Oratory S.O 10 min.
Original Oratory O.O 10 min.
Humorous Interp. H.I 10 min.
Dramatic Interp. D.I 10 min.
Poetry PO 8 min.
Prose PR 8 min.
Monologue MO 6 min. Debate I.E: Abbreviation: Time Limit:

Lincoln-Douglas L.D Depends Foreign Extemp. FEX 7 min. Domestic Extemp. DEX 7 min. Students can enter in any
I.E and compete. It sounds kinda nerdy, but believe me when I say it's fun! Don't believe me? Well here are some people who did
Speech and Debate in their high school days.
You may recognize some of them. When you've earned a certain amount of points, you become an NFL member (National Forensics League). Adam Sandler competed in forensics before he got hired on SNL. Jim Carrey competed in H.I's. Chris Colfer from Glee was the President of Speech and Debate at his high school. Brad Pitt is an NFL member! Queen Oprah Winfrey was a debater (you can tell by her speaking skills) and still avidly supports Speech and Debate. Also on that list includes:

-Bruce Springsteen who was a champion in Extemp.

-James Dean competed in high school.

-Former Presidents

-Famous News Broadcasters. Yes, this O.O will be performed in front of the class. This assignment is worth 150 points. And it will be memorized. Moving on! Don't freak out! (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr You will each write your
own O.O. Usually O.O's are either informative
or persuasive speeches. I know! You can hardly wait! O.O's are usually 10 minutes long, but since there are so many of you, it will only have to be 3-5 min. long. You can memorize 3-5 minutes of material. Especially if it's your own writing! I believe in you! You can do it!

Now hoot and holler, because I know how stoked you are. So please take it seriously! These strangers are rooting for you! How to write an O.O ! The structure of the speech is exactly the same way we've learned it. But since you could be a little rusty, let me refresh your memory! First: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.
Pick a topic you know will interest
them, or a topic you want to TRY
to get the audience to be interested in.
A statement, story, joke that startles, gains attention and makes your audience sit up. State your Destination.
An example may be ...

“This evening/today I am here to convince you that ...."
Identify a personal connection in the audiences’ life, e.g their emotional experiences (grief, sorrow, happiness).
Demonstrate how you are an ‘expert’ through your own use, experience or study. State clearly why you are speaking at this moment. State your Goal, Thesis or what you expect as an Outcome. Introduction Paragraph: 5. Speech Preview:
Briefly outline what you will cover in your persuasive speech. State your 3 main points. Transition: A transition is how you move from one section or point to the next. It is a linking idea.

You could say … “Let’s begin by ...”, “Let’s start with ...” or I prefer “Let’s consider …” Main Body Paragraph: 1. Main Point #1
State Point 1
State a Reason
Give an Example
Restate the Point Transition: Create a linking statement to move to point 2. 2. Main Point #2
State Point 2
State a Reason
Give an Example
Restate the Point Transition: Create a linking statement to move to point 3. 3. Main Point #3
State Point 3
State a Reason
Give an Example
Restate the Point Transition into conclusion.

“Tell them what you have told them”
1. Restate thesis:
2. Restate main points:

3. Call-to-Action: eg “I encourage you to …”, “Let’s all contribute …” , “… sign now …”, “make a decision now to be involved …” Conclusion: Things to consider: Emotional Appeal. Use humor! The audience will be more engaged! Your O.O can be about anything!

Make sure it is something you really care about
and are passionate about. Brainstorm your topic! Topics to consider: - Bullying
- Social Media (facebook/twitter)
- Television influences
- Peer pressure
- Music/Lyric influences
- Stereotypes
- Reading
-Being yourself
- Equal Rights National finalist of 2010 O.O: What MUST be in your O.O: 1. At least two facts or research in your
script/speech. Sources must be stated in your script/speech.

2. Three points of persuasion.

3. Emotional appeal. How the performance should look: Introduction. First point. Second point. Third point. Conclusion. MUST include two facts of research in your O.O and have the source in the script. 1. Attention-Getter: 2. Bond : Link-to Audience: 3. "Credentials" of Speaker (Credibility): 4. Destination / Objective Sentence: What is due today in class: - Brainstorm at least 3 topics that you care,
are concerned, and are passionate about.

- I will come by and check in with you individually to help you pick a topic.

- HOMEWORK: Research your topic and print off anything interesting you see. You need at
least TWO different sources! Bring it to next class to start writing your O.O.
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