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1. Project Overview Presentation

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Transcript of 1. Project Overview Presentation

The Software Quality Assurance Project An introduction to Introduction Its important that we regularly review our our methodology and keep it up-to-date. Now it is time to give our Software Quality Assurance processes some focus. This project aims to improve our software quality assurance and testing framework We want to familiarise you with the Software Quality Assurance Project by showing you this presentation today and telling you about... a) The current situation
b) The importance of software quality assurance
c) What we are going to do to improve Let's chat... What challenges have you experienced with regard to testing? How did you get around it? What would you do differently in the future? Feedback recently received from clients suggests that our quality assurance could be improved. So there are opportunities to enhance our testing approach... Quiz Time! Question: Can you tell us what types of testing we do? Answer with Yes, No or Sometimes Answer: there is too much red and amber! The cost of software quality What is the cost of quality? Internal failures cost less than external failures. the Software Quality Assurance project to the rescue... Improving our quality assurance process Implementing an industry best-practice testing framework (ISTQB) Introducing testing methodology into the design process Involving our Projects Office in the software quality assurance process ...by doing the following: We've shown that our cost of non-conformance is too * answers provided by SU, MZ and SG a) The Current Situation b) The Importance of Software Quality Assurance c) What are we going to do to improve? So...
where to from here? We will be conducting Software Quality Assurance tra ning You will need to attend this training. Keep your eye on

for more information. But in the meantime... Have a look at our wiki
page! What is QA? An increase in our prevention costs and ultimately reduce our quality cost! high ...will reduce our failure costs Under Software Quality Assurance The project aims to provide a guiding framework for testing in both waterfall and agile approaches Where we will provide an overview of testing The second about our chosen testing framework and what it means for us in terms of Is the person on your left still awake? Cost = Cost + Cost quality conformance non-conformance prevention costs
appraisal costs
(test planning, code reviews, testing etc.) internal failures
(developer or tester finds bug)
external failures
(customer finds bug) What is software testing? Purpose of software testing Why is software testing important? Testing principles Test concepts Types of testing Test levels Automated testing Test Phases Test Templates Contribution Areas Testing Technologies Were you paying attention?
If so, then where is:
the Wizard
the Dog?
the Robber? MyWorkLife An increase in our prevention costs and a change in our behaviour... Our data shows that the effort we spend doing remedial work is higher than the industry metric (30%)
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