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IR4099 IR Dissertation: Introduction

An Information Session for Junior Honours

Ryan Beasley

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of IR4099 IR Dissertation: Introduction

Phase 1: Development
Summer Preparation
Submission & Evaluation
Due Late April, 2015
Preparing for the Journey
IR4099 Introduction
Research & Writing
This Will Happen
Ryan K. Beasley, PhD
Introductions -- Hello!
Module Starts in September!
Research Development Process
Revisions/Changes From Previous Years
Who Am I?
Question and Answer
Input and Process
Annotated Bibliography
Literature Review
You Will Be Assigned A Supervisor
Not by 'Prior Arrangements'
The Dissertation Coordinator is in Charge of Assigning Supervisors
Academic Staff Will Play a Role
Supervisors Guide, they don't Decide
This is Your Dissertation
Prepare An Outline of Your Topic
150-200 Words
Statement of the Problem
Work Plan
Some References
Submit Near Beginning of Term
A Topic is NOT a Research Question
Your Ideas WILL Evolve
(More on That Later)
Dissertation Marked By:
Another Academic Staff Member
Supervisor Marks
Literature Review
Refining Topics
Approaches to Writing
Your Ideas & Concerns
Who Has a Topic Already?
Who Feels Completely Clueless?
What are Your Biggest Concerns?
What are You Looking Forward To?
If It Isn't Challenging, You're Not Doing it Right
What was New Last Year?
-Word Limited Decreased from 15,000 to 12,000 words
-Tutorials (required) for Lecture/Workshop Sessions
-Draft Chapter Submission down from 5000 words to 2500-3000 words
-Universal Draft Chapter due date (Week 4 of S2)
-No set text; Assigned readings for individual Lecture/Workshop sessions
-Literature Review mark 15%, instead of 25%
-Annotated Bibliography assignment not assessed (still required)
-Submission Celebration!
Major Components of the Module (2013-14)
Independent Research and Writing
Nine (9) 1½-2 hour Lecture/Workshop Sessions
8 (eight) 1 hour Tutorial Sessions
5 (five) Supervisor Consultation Sessions
Tutor/Supervisor Feedback on 3 Separate Written Components
Peer Support Groups
Student Feedback to Improve the Module
Last Year's Timeline
Based on
a Major
Review &
Tomorrow! (You're invited next year)
Your Resources
Library/Other Support Staff
Dissertation Admin Assistant
Weekly Lecture/Workshops
Tutorial Group Members
Dissertation Coordinator
'Peer Support Group'
Module Booklet! (~12,000 words)
Gillian Flemming
Independent, but not Alone!
Any Field Research and/or Research Involving Human Subjects Conducted without the Explicit, Prior, Written Approval of your Dissertation Supervisor or the Dissertation Coordinator Will Not Be Allowed to be Included in your Dissertation.
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