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the story of me. 4

No description

Blake Mount

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of the story of me. 4

the story of me. the most important story to me is... bIrth. December 2, 1994 THE END.Glendale, Arizona ChILDHOOD. SCHOOLS. Sagebrush Elementary
CO Indian Ridge Elementary
CO St. Mary's Academy
CO Regis Jesuit High School
CO Laguna Elementary
AZ Scotland elementary
CT ScottsRidge Middle School
CT FaMILY. My Dad:
Gregory Mount Job:
President of Richfield Hospitality my mom:
MelIssa Mount Job:
Owner of Coolhaus Works
[PSP or Professional Search and Placement] my SISTEr:
AlexandrIa MOunt My Brother:
MIchael Mount 12 years old...?
Likes to play lacrosse. 21 years old
A student in College
Works for a hotel. sports. Baseball. Played from 1st to 5th grade. FootBall Played from 5th to 6th grade. Lacrosse Played from 4th to 6th grade. Hockey Played my whole life. I have... And Present day. I'm rolling it out Big Cat Status,
pretty much every day. My BoyfrIend. I'm a Freshmen at Regis Jesuit High School During the Winter Season I played hockey for Regis' Junior Varsity Team... :/ Now in the Spring Season I play for Chaparrals' Highplains Hockey Team... :D WOLVERINES My Future. THE END. THE END. THE END. THE END.
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