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Movie Pitch

No description

Lalys Ugalde

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Movie Pitch

-Story begins with a young Nero.
-Actions of his mother change and corrupt him.
-Turns to power and women to cope with his problems.
-His mother secretly becomes a Christian and tries to help him change his ways.
-Discovers his mother's infidelity
-Goes on rampage, kills mother and wife, and begins a crusade against the Christians by blaming them for the Great Fire, as his psychotic mind sees this as a kind of restoration for his mother's wrongs.
-Murders Christians in many ways: beheadings, crucifixion, burned alive.
-Though he declares the killing of the Christians because of their burning of Rome, etc. His vengeance against his mother is a secret.

Allusion to ISIS

Movie Pitch
Created By: Noah Allen, Katie Haines, Naomi Lu, Anna Quinn, and Odalys Ugalde
By: Naomi
By: Noah
By: Anna
By: Odalys
Painting: Disputation with Simon Magus and Crucifixion of St. Peter, our film will instead depict Nero's guards in black to allude to ISIS. Our film will depict the Christian's crucifixion as beheadings to again imply the terrors of ISIS
When Nero begins to party excessively: Vegas by Calvin Harris this song depicts Nero's neglection to the throne and responsibility
When Nero is concieving to kill his mother: Do I Have Power by Timber Timbre this song depicts his insecurity about being in power
How the palace looked like after Nero took power.
He was obsessed all things luxurious
Once emperor of Rome, Nero loved throwing large parties that showcased his wealth and position.
It was also at these parties in which he would partake in his numerous affairs.
How Rome looked like during the beginning of Nero's reign.
During this time he was being manipulated by his mother.
Aftre Nero goes insane.
He sets his empire on fire and blames the christians for his crime.
A.D. 14-68
A.D. 14-68
A.D. 14-54
1st Century CE
Nero Claudius
Painted 1625-1650 by Titian
A.D. 69-96
1st -2nd centruy A.D.
1st -3rd centruy A.D.
1st-3rd century A.D.
Agrippina the Younger
from the National Museum in Warsaw
and the wealthy
Claudius will be played by Russell Crowe
The younger Nero will be played by Chandler Riggs
Nero will be played by Johnny Depp
Agrippina will be played by Cate Blanchett
Christian Themes
As a child Nero will be
portrayed as being
envious, spitefull,
and corrupted
Nero will be portrayed as being
self-obsessed and crazy

Claudius was
described by historians
as having a temper
Russell Crowe, like Claudius,
is known in Hollywood as
being someone who is quick to
1st-2nd Century
British Museum
Porta Praenestina
Now known as Portaa Maggiore built during the order of Claudius in 52 A.D.
Nero calmly watching his crime. It is said that while he did not play his instrument he did sing while is empire burned.
By: Noah
Alluding to Modern Theme
In the film, Nero uses the Great Fire as his public reason for persecuting the Christians
However, his internal, private reason was a form of revenge against his mother's beliefs and actions
Suggesting that modern day extremists may use public reasons to cover their true personal reasons
Renewal and redemption from her previous sins
Agrippina tries to help deem Nero's evil character despite his hatred and rejection towards her
Allusion to Paul who was originally very sinful, corrupt, and a murderer but became a faithful Roman, Christian who preached the Gospel and eventually is martyred
Agrippina wears a Christain fish
How the palace looked like during Claudius' rule as well as before Nero became obsessed with the luxurious lifestyle
Classic Chariots Scene
By: Anna
By: Katie
Johnny Depp has had
several roles in which
he is a weird or crazy
character such as his
role in Pirates of the
Carribean and Edward

Cate Blanchett was played a
powerful woman in who took
the throne in Elizabeth: The
Golden Age. In Blue Jasmin,
she played a role where she
was emotionally unstable like
Agrippina was when Nero became
Chandler Riggs plays
the role of Carl Grimes
in the TV Series, The
Walking Dead

Anna=costuming, how characters will be depicted
Odalys=setting, lighting, scenes, creative
Noah=actors, character development
Naomi=plot, specifics
Katie=meaning, significance, music

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