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Catch Me If You Can

No description

Cameron Jarvis

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Catch Me If You Can

Anti-Social Personality Disorder
A mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others; like a con-man
Frank Abanale Jr. can be diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality. Throughout the movie, Frank continuously manipulates banks into cashing his fraud checks and steals other people's identities, such as when he pretended to be a pilot for Pan-Am Airlines
Unit 12- Abnormal Psychology
Stages of Psychosocial Development
Stage 5: Identity vs. Role Confusion
This stage occurs during the ages 13-19. People during this stage develop a social identity.
Frank Abagnale Jr., 16 years old, struggles to figure out his social identity. He goes from being a pilot to being a doctor to being a lawyer. In the end, Frank becomes an FBI worker in the check fraud department.
Carl Hanratty
"How did you do it, Frank? How did you cheat on the bar exam in Louisiana?"

Frank Abagnale, Jr.
: "
I didn't cheat. I studied for two weeks and I passed."
Unit 9: Developmental Psychology
Parallel Processing
The processing of many aspects of a problem simultaneously; the brain’s natural mode of information processing for many functions, including vision.
At the beginning of the movie, Frank's dad gave a speech and he was able to process what he wanted to say while also processing what was going on around him.
Frank Abagnale
: "
Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn't quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out. Gentlemen, as of this moment, I am that second mouse."
Unit 4: Sensation and Perception
Mere Exposure Effect
The phenomenon that repeated exposure to novel stimuli increases liking of them
While Frank Abagnale Jr. was acting as a doctor, he became increasingly fond of Brenda Strong the more time he spent with her. Eventually he fell in love with her and asked to marry her.
Frank Abagnale Jr.:

"What if I went to your parents, and I spoke to your father, and I asked for permission to marry you?"
Unit 14: Social Psychology
Catch Me If You Can
By: Cameron Jarvis
Cues for Detecting Lying
Cues for detecting lying: person speaks slowly, person pauses while speaking, answers are either longer or shorter than they should be, person does not establish good eye contact, person fidgets or appears uncomfortable.
Throughout the movie, Frank told numerous lies. Sometimes Frank would come up with long reasons about why he needed to cash his checks. However, he did do some things right to make it seem like he wasn't lying. For instance, Frank would speak pretty fast when explaining the reason for cashing his check. He also established good eye contact with everyone he lied to and didn't seem to be uncomfortable when he was lying.
Frank Abagnale Jr.:
"Hollingsworth. Yes. Grumpy old Hollingsworth, right? I tell you meaner than ever."
Unit 8: Motivation and Emotion
Internal Locus of Control
The belief that events in one’s life, whether good or bad, are caused by controllable factors such as one’s attitude, preparation, and effort.
Frank believes that he controls his destiny and fate through his own actions. He forges the checks and gets the money by himself. Frank himself controls his life rather than believing that external factors that he can't control do.
Frank Abagnale Jr.
: [In a letter]
"Dear Dad, you always told me that an honest man has nothing to fear, so I'm trying my best not to be afraid."
Unit 10: Personality
the process by which we perceive and respond to certain events, called stressors, that we appraise as threatening or challenging
The divorce of Frank's parents and having to choose which parent he wanted to live with caused Frank to stress out and run away from his family. The divorce was his stressor.
Paula Abagnale
"Do you understand what we're saying to you Frank? Your father and I are getting a divorce."
Unit 8: Motivation and Emotion

The tendency to be more confident than correct—to overestimate the accuracy of our beliefs and judgments
Frank was extremely confident in escaping Agent Hanratty and continued to forge checks despite being tracked by the FBI. He would eventually be caught by the French Police and Agent Hanratty.

Carl Hanratty
: "Tell me this, Barry Allen, Secret Service. How did you know I wouldn't look in your wallet?"
Frank Abagnale, Jr.
: "The same reason the Yankees always win. Nobody can keep their eyes off the pinstripes."
Carl Hanratty
: "The Yankees win because they have Mickey Mantle."
Unit 7: Cognition
Fundamental Attribution Error

The tendency for observers, when analyzing another’s behavior, to underestimate the impact of the situation and to overestimate the impact of personal disposition
Agent Hanratty had a mean attitude towards Frank because he thought Frank was just some scum who had no respect for the law
Frank's actual intentions were based on him runnng away from his parent's divorce and trying to have a better life so his parents could possibly get back together
Carl Hanratty
: "He's a kid. Our unsub is a kid. That's why we couldn't match his prints. That's why he doesn't have a record."
Unit 14: Social Psychology
Autonomic Nervous System
the part of the peripheral nervous system that controls the glands and the muscles of the internal organs (such as the heart)
Franks autonomic nervous system was in use throughout the entire movie. Frank's heart was beating automatically, his stomach digested the drinks and food he ate, and his lungs allowed him to breathe automatically without thought.
Unit 3: Biological Bases of Behavior
Frontal Lobes
Portion of the cerebral cortex lying just behind the forehead; involved in speaking and muscle movements and in making plans and judgments
Frank Abagnale Jr.'s frontal lobe allowed for him to speak to everyone and to make plans. For instance, when Frank was at his wedding he used his frontal lobe to quickly devise a plan so he could escape from Agent Hanratty and meet up with Brenda later.
Frank Abagnale Jr.
"Brenda, I don't want to lie to you anymore. All right? I'm not a doctor. I never went to medical school. I'm not a lawyer, or a Harvard graduate, or a Lutheran. Brenda, I ran away from home a year and a half ago when I was 16."

Brenda Strong
"Frank? Frank? You're not a Lutheran?"
Unit 3: Biological Bases of Behavior
Selective Attention
the focusing of conscious awareness on a particular stimulus
When Frank and his father met up at a fancy restaurant, Frank tried to talk his father into accepting a car as a gift so he could reunite with him back with his mother. However, Frank's dad turned down the offer and told his son that he was being watched by the IRS. Despite all the background noise, Frank and his father were able to focus only on their conversation and kind of tune out all other noise.
Frank Abagnale Sr.
: "
Do you know what would happen if the IRS found out I was driving around in a new coupe? I took the train here, Frank. I'm taking the train home."
Unit 4: Sensation and Perception
Long-Term Memory
the relatively permanent and limitless storehouse of the memory system. Includes knowledge, skills, and experiences.
Frank encodes and stores his father's speech from when he won an award. Later in the movie when Frank is about to pray with Brenda's family, he recites the speech.
Frank Abagnale, Jr.
"Absolutely. Two little mice fell into a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned, but the second mouse, he struggled so hard that he eventually churned that cream into butter and he walked out. Amen."
Unit 7: Cognition
Observational Learning
Learning by observing others
At the beginning of the movie Frank and his dad went to a store to buy a suit. The manager of the store would not let them in because the store wasn't supposed to open until 30 minutes later. Frank's dad pulled out a necklace from his pocket and held it out to the manager as a bribe to let them into the store. Later in the movie Frank did the same thing that he observed his father do. Frank did the necklace bribe on a bank clerk to cash a check then on a flight attendant.
Frank Abagnale Sr
"Darcy, Is this yours ? (shows Darcy the necklace) I just found it in the parking lot."
Unit 6: Learning
Motivation Instinct
a need or desire that energizes and directs behavior
Frank's motivation for forging checks and stealing money was to get his parents back together. He thought that if he helped solved his family's financial problems then he would be able to save his parent's marriage.
Frank Abagnale Jr
Dad, I'm serious about what I said. I can get you money --whatever you need.
Unit 8: Motivation and Emotion
Frank Abagnale Jr. is a 16-year-old high school student, living in New York, who is very confident and is a gifted forger. One day he finds his life spinning out of control when he walks in on his mother and father getting ready to sign divorce papers and he has to choose who he wants to live with. Frank decides to run away from home using checks his father gave to him for his birthday. Frank eventually out of money in his account, so he starts to use confidence scams. He decides to impersonate a pilot for Pan-Am Airlines, and he successfully forges Pan-Am payroll checks and steals over $2 million dollars. FBI Agent Carl Hanratty is assigned the task to track down Frank. Although they have many close encounters, Frank is able to slip through Hanratty's hands each time. With the money he stole, Frank attempts to reunite his divorced parents, but his plan fails on account that the IRS is watching his father. One year later, Frank begins to impersonate a doctor and he meets a lovely lady by the name of Brenda Strong. Frank ends up marrying Brenda and joins Brenda's father as an assistant prosecutor after passing the Bar exam. Frank calls up Agent Hanratty wanting to end the chase and settle down, but Hanratty can't call off the chase because of the extraordinary amount of money stolen by Frank. Hanratty and his men are able to chase down Frank at his wedding, but once again Frank is able to escape. Before Frank escaped though, he told Brenda who he really was and devised a plan for them to both meet up at the airport and run away to Europe. Hanratty surrounds the airport with FBI Agents, but Frank is still able to escape to Europe. A year-and-a-half later, Hanratty finds more of Frank's forged checks and is able to track him down to France. However, before Frank is placed under Hanratty's custody, the French police arrest Frank. After 2 years in French prison, Frank is released into Hanratty's custody. On the plane ride back to America, Frank is informed that his father passed away and he is devastated. As the plane lands, Frank escapes but he is hunted down to where his mother is staying by the police. Frank is sentenced to 12 years in maximum security prison, and during his time in jail Agent Hanratty visits him. Hanratty discovers that Frank has an ability to identify forged checks and he offers Frank a job in the FBI in the check fraud department. Frank accepts the job and attempts to escape somewhere out of the state, but when he realizes no one will be chasing him he decides to return back to the FBI and continue working.
Catch Me If You Can
was a fantastic movie that kept me intrigued the whole time I watched it. The plot of the movie was exciting and the movie itself was pretty humorous. I really enjoyed this film because it allowed me to see what the life of a most wanted criminal was like and it was interesting to realize how many psychology terms I could relate back to the movie. If I were to recommend this film to people, then I would suggest it to teenagers who are interested in financial crime and want to learn about one of the most wanted American criminals ever to live.
Overall, I really enjoyed this project. As I watched
Catch Me If You Can
, I realized how much AP Psychology impacted my viewing. I was able to easily connect the movie to terms and key concepts I learned throughout the year during class. It was very interesting to find out how much I had learned from this class. I think going forward I will be able to connect more things back to what I have learned in this class.
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