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Emmeline Pankhurst

No description

Maddie Rennardson

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Emmeline Pankhurst

In what way did they work towards this goal?
To get to her goal she founded the Womans Social and Political Union (WSPU) in October 1903. Their motto was "Votes For Women". The WSPU started a newspaper
called Suffragettes, which got their word around.
Emmeline and the WSPU members protested on the
streets they were occasionally imprisoned as
these were often violent protests.
Emmeline Pankhurst wanted to empower women in Britain. she was a womens rights advocate, her goal was for women to have the right to vote in Britain.
What did they want the solution to be?
Emmeline wanted the solution to be that women could have equal voting rights and to be treated equally!
Brainey Quotes
BBC History
History Learning site
Emmeline Pankhurst Facts
Facts #2
• In 1886 Pankhurst was involved with the strike of girls working in the Bryant and May match factory.
• Emmeline was a leader of the Suffragette movement and a political activist.

Facts #1
• Emmeline Pankhurst moved to Canada in 1922.
• In 1987 Emmeline's Manchester home was opened as the Pankhurst Centre, a meeting place for women.
• Emmeline was arrested on many occasions although often released because of poor health.

"Justice and judgment lie often a world apart"
- Emmeline Pankhurst
Maddie Rennardson
US History
Emmeline Pankhurst
What problem did they want to fix?
"We have to free half of the human race, the women, so they can help the other half."
- Emmeline Pankhurst
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