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Waiting for Godot Prezi

No description

Justin Di Benedetto

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Waiting for Godot Prezi

Godot's Existence
-Godot is never present in the play but is always mentioned as if included
-Only the boy has seen him, but his words are unreliable it is not shown him talking to him or if he really works for him
Does He Really Exist?


Vladimir Quotes...
Godot Holds a Greater Power/Drives the Story
Quote 1:
Waiting For Godot
Questionaire Game

A Representation of a Godly Image
"Has he a beard, Mr Godot?" (Beckett, 59)
Traits of a God
-A god is never visible to a person, but they are present is everywhere.

- Gods are centered around people's lives
Everyone Revolves around Godot
Godot is the Center of Everyone
-Throughout the novel, Godot is never seen but he is always present.
Vladimir Quotes ...
"we're waiting for Godot" (Beckett 10)
"we are no longer alone, waiting for night, waiting for Godot, waiting for ... waiting. All evening we have struggled, unassisted. Now it's over. it's already to-morrow." (Beckett 50)
Vladimir Quotes ...
-It is significant because the life of Estragon and Vladimir and their actions are center around waiting for Godot.
-It is significant because even though Godot is not there, he still controls their future just like godly figures in society control their followers.
-They control the fate of their followers
Christ-Centered Life
-His existence cannot be confirmed; never shown in the play
-He is the center of everyone's life within the play
-Godot is the one that drives the story
-Shares various god-like traits
-God's are never seen, but they are present in people's lives
Family Guy God Video
"What does he do, Mister Godot?" (Beckett,59)
-Even Vladimir himself has not meet Godot in person as he questions what he does for a living and what he looks like
Godot demonstrates godly image as his existence in the play is questionable
-Therefore, his existence in the play is simliar to a god as it is uncertain if he is real or not
"We'll hang ourselves to-morrow. Unless Godot comes.
And if he comes?
We'll be saved." (Beckett, 109)
-Godot shares common traits of
a godly figure
Waiting For Godot Ending Video
-Never seen in the play, but always
-He is the center of everyone's life
-Vladimir and Estragon give the power of deciding their lives to Godot who they have never met.
Quote 2:
"What happens in that case to your appointment with this...Godot... anyhow you see who i mean, who has your future in his hands... at least your immediate future" (Beckett, 27)
-It is shown that others can see that Godot character controls Vladimir and Estragons life.
The Guidance of God
-Godot drives certain events, making
them occur
-All of these traits make Godot
a godly figure
There will be a series of nine questions asked to the class
Each question comes from the information shown and
discussed in the presentation
If you answer a question correctly, you will recieve a prize
Question 1
Name two points that show that
Vladimir does not know who Godot
Question 1 Answer
-Vladimir does not know what
Godot looks like
-He is unaware on what Godot does
Question 2
Question 2 Answer
Has Vladimir ever seen Godot
in his life? True or false.
-Vladimir has never seen Godot in his life
Question 3
Only a child has seen Godot. Why might
the child be the only one to see Godot?
Question 3 Answer
The child is innocent, he has never seen the truth and corruption in life
Question 4
Question 4 Answer
Question 5
Question 5 Answer
Question 6
Question 6 Answer
How was Godot the center
of both Vladimir and Estragon's life?
All of the events that occured
were caused by the absense of
Question 7
Question 7 Answer
Question 8
Question 8 Answer
Question 9
Question 9 Answer
When Vladimir and Estragon
consider hanging themselves on
the tree, who do they ask?
-When Estragon and Vladimir are
considering suicide, they ask Godot
Which god-like being does Godot mostly
Why does Godot seem to have
the answers to Vladimir and Estragons questions all the time?
-Godot is considered to be a greater, supernatural
being. He has the ability to resolve any unsolved questions, similar to God.
How is Vladimir's and Estragon's life similar to a relgious life?
They're lives are centered around Godot,
who appears as a god-like figure.
Thanks for Watching!
-Godot is similar to God.

Name some god-like figures that were
mentioned in the presentation.
-Roman gods
-Greek gods
-Christian God
-Hindu/ Buddhist gods
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