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North African Culture

No description

Kenric Polart

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of North African Culture

Brendon North African Culture Most to all of North Africa is occupied by the Sahara Desert. Some parts have a Mediterranean climate and steppes.
Basics Many North Africans have been influenced by Muslim traditions, while further south there are more Christian, Hindu, and even Jewish traditions interspersed with more ancient traditions. Religion Sahara Marathon - February
travel to North Africa and live and run in this most difficult yet breathtaking place on earth—The Sahara Desert
Traditions The report «Unbeaten Ways: Educational Reform in the Middle East and North Africa» notes that over the past 20 years, the level of illiteracy fell by half. Since 1970, the number of students increases in 5 times in higher education in the region. However, despite these achievements, their education systems do not serve the needs of today and graduates are not always competitive, which doesn't allow them to realize their potential.” Education Northern Africa is generally referred to the northernmost region of the African continent, stretching from the Atlantic shores of Morocco in the west to the Suez Canal and the Red Sea in the east. Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, & Western Sahara are the countries associated with North Africa.
A lot of the traditions in North Africa include carnivals and festivals Cairo Film Festival
With its ancient history, and vast motion picture industry, Egypt became the cultural capital of the Arab world. Egypt's cinema's influence on the Arabs is as profound as that of the American cinema on the rest of the world. That why Cairo is known to be "Hollywood" of the Middle East.
In North Africa, The structure of the family rests on two axes: age and gender. The young are respectful to their elders, and women are compliant to men. Traditionally, the source of authority and power that the father exercised stemmed from the fact that he was in possession of the family property and controlled it. This compliance of the young and of females is acquired through socialization Family Roles Education is at the crossroads for the future of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It plays a crucial role in promoting poverty alleviation and economic growth, both at national and at household levels. It reflects the aspirations of the people for a successful integration into the global economy in an ever changing world. Families emphasize in their children’s obedience, dependency and inequality between the males and females. The schools also involved by emphasizing physical punishment and rote learning, shunning away challenges and independent creative thinking Arts in Northern Africa is distinguished by a mystical quality drawing on the region's symbols and signs that originate in pre-Islamic Berber motifs and a rich Islamic heritage introduced to the region by Arabs in the seventh century. From the Fezzan and Tassili petroglyphs in Libya and Algeria to the Neolithic paintings of Morocco, North African artists have a large reservoir of art that continues to influence their work. Arts Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all a few religions in Northern Africa, but Islam is the primary religion.
"New Moon" Poetry in Africa I looked up the sky, and there she stood,
A new phase of the ever smiling moon,
With a gorgeous charm she gladly glowed
Wearing her crescent in a concave curve,
Reminding all again of her newness come,
And that life has come to another curve.

I reviewed my wishes and counted my blessings,
And then I resolved as I prayed by wishes made,

To be guided again like the curving moon,
So when the convex meets the concave curve,
To complete the cycle for another full moon,
I would have yet on my hand to count again,
A new list of blessings and wishes came,
With the crescent of another smiling moon.
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