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Preparing Our Students for the Georgia Milestones

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Krystal Shaw

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Preparing Our Students for the Georgia Milestones

Questions We Had...
How can we prepare our students for success on the Georgia Milestones?

How can we build on the progress we've been making toward performance tasks and evidence-based writing?

How can we prepare our students for online testing?

How can we leverage this shift in assessment to help move instruction in our building?
Key Concerns
Constructed and Extended Response Items
Student stamina to answer multi-step items
Student citing of evidence in text or support of problem solutions
Student success with labeling answers clearly for all parts of the questions
Teacher understanding of what exemplary work should look like
Disconnect between instructional strategies/classroom assessments and the Georgia Milestones
Key Concerns
Online Test Administration
Student ability to successfully type response
Student access to technology to practice typing responses
Student fluency with online testing skills (scrolling, moving between text passage and questions, etc)
Disconnect between student content knowledge/abilities and the ability to express this online
Our Plan: Benchmark Assessments
Benchmark Assessments
1st-5th grade
Every 9 weeks
Before the end of 9 weeks for SBRC
Standards assessed based on SBRC rubrics
Online administration for parts or all of the assessment
Administered in Point
Benchmark Assessments
Mixture of Multiple-choice, Constructed, and Extended Response
15-20 multiple choice
2 constructed response
1 extended response
Based on formative assessment items from OAS
Formative Assessment Items
All sample items tied to standards for each unit pulled from OAS for teacher use
Teachers using OAS formative assessment items in classrooms for instruction and common assessments
Items on the benchmark are modeled after OAS items
Online Administration Guidelines
Online multiple-choice testing has already been implemented (1st-5th)
Test in Point online for multiple choice
Paper/pencil for constructed/extended response
Test in Point online for multiple choice and constructed response
Extended response items completed beforehand and typed in (for ELA) or explanations typed (Math)
Collaborative Scoring of Constructed/Extended Response
Both paper/pencil evidence and typed responses will be considered during scoring
ELA: County-provided evidence-based writing rubrics to assess these items
Math: State-provided problem-solving rubrics to assess these items
Scoring will occur in grade-level planning to calibrate scoring and determine next steps for students
Using Benchmark Assessments
To Prepare for Success on the
Georgia Milestones
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