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my big fat zombie goldfish

No description

Alex K

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of my big fat zombie goldfish

BY MO O'HARA 2013 179 PGS

This book is about Tom and a goldfish that his brother Mark, is using in a science project. Mark dunks Frankie the goldfish into toxic gunk, then Tom and Pradeep, another character, zap Frankie back to life. Then Frankie turns into a zombie goldfish and has his revenge on Tom. The story takes place mostly at Tom's house.
Tom is the main character in the book and he is also the narrator. Tom goes to elementry school and is 7 years old. He has an older brother named Mark who is an evil scientist in the book. Mark has a school project about the effects of pollution on the marine population. Mark buys a gold fish for his project, then Tom comes in to save the fish from dying and and being flushed down the toilet. Tom zaps the goldfish back to life with a battery from his alarm clock.
Pradeep is Tom's friend and he also has a evil older brother. Pradeep is an indian boy who is Tom's neighbor. Pradeep also has a evil brother Sanj, who is a computer genius.
Frankie is the goldfish that became a zombie goldfish after Mark dunked him into toxic green gunk. Frankie was almost dead then Tom and Pradeep zapped him back life with a 9 volt battery from Tom 's alarm clock. When Frankie came back to life he had hypnotic powers and took revenge on Mark.
My Favorite Part of the book
My favorite part of the book is when Mark and Sanj try to hypnotize everyone in Tom's school and in the world. Mark and Sanj used Frankie's zombie stare on a website they set up to broadcast on the internet which would hypnotize everyone in the world. Before the broadcast could be sent out on the internet, Frankie jumped out of Mark's hands and knocked him out by slapping him with his tail several times. Frankie then jumped through the air and landed on Sanj's computer keyboard. He tapped the keyboard several times with his tail and at the count of 1 second left, it was disabled and every one was then safe.
book three
book two

I would recommend this book to another reader because it is a funny book and an easy read for grades 3 and 4. I liked that the chapters showed pictures in parts of the book.
book one
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