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Thousand Pieces of Gold

No description

Jacob Robarts

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Thousand Pieces of Gold

Thousand Pieces of Gold
Lalu (Polly):
Some of her traits include:
hard worker
Some of Jim's traits include:
Lalu (Polly):
Lalu is the main character in the novel
She is a strong young women who is sold around from man to man
The author does not really describe her physical traits (other than ugly and big feet) but i always pictured her very beautiful (Like super model Liu Wen)
I believe she is a mix of a static/dynamic because certain obvious things change about her but i feel like her mind set largely remains the same
She struggles at English at first but masters it with time
RuthAnne Lum McCunn
Jacob Robarts
Period 6

“But as they climbed up the steep trail to the ridge where Chen and the others waited, she vowed she would never accept the path Ding claimed Heaven had assigned her. (McCunn 72)”
Jim is a minorly major character and is static (meaning that he has few scenes/dialogue but is mentioned a lot through out the story)
Jim is the man who takes Lalu from the auction block in San Francisco and through Portland to Warrens, Idaho
He is Lalu's first companion in Idaho and when he dies that companion position is given to Charlie
The first person Lalu can really trust when she leaves China
He looks out for Lalu while in Warrens and keeps Hong King in check (to a point)
He is never really described in the book but i always pictured him with weathered tan skin, facial hair, fit, and good looking.
"...and you will be your own woman again, I promise you. (112 McCunn)
Charlie is Jim's friend who he tells Lalu that he will protect him
He is a major character and is static; he is the same good man when he is introduced as he is when he dies
He buys Lalu from Hong King in a poker game and then marries Lalu
He does a lot for Lalu and provides land, freedom, money, and true love to Lalu
The only man to be there for her long term and actually care about her.
Some of Charlie's traits include:
Willing to sacrifice
good at poker
(Charlie in his older years)
"I didn't win you from Hong King so you could be my slave. You're free. (160 McCunn)"
Lalu's Village in China:
Warrens, Idaho:
Real pictures of Lalu (Polly Bemis):
When Lalu's father needs help in the fields Lalu is there for me. even though the village people (not the band) are talking about her and calling her horrible things, and even though her feet were unbound and very painful, she
and kept on going
While traveling with the thieves/across the world to America she
and over came so she could get through the hard ships.
When Lalu/Polly was working at Hong King's bar she had to sleep with men, put up with rude and disgusting guests, clean and serve Hong King yet she
and got through it.
Not a love story

To me this book was so much more than another love story. In fact a love story is one of the last things I would classify it under. Even though love was a recurring theme, I wouldn't consider this book to be a love story. There was Lalu's love for family and her love for Jim and Charlie but that doesn't make this book a love story. This book was about how one women went through hell and came out again. She was sold around for the most of her life and when she finally settled down in Warrens with Charlie I think her life was full of love; for Charlie, for her friends, and for how her life turned out in the end.
Throughout the entire novel freedom is a recurring theme
Lalu does not even have her freedom when she lives with her family. Her father owns her up to the time he sales her for soy beans
She doesn't gain freedom until she gets married to Charlie and even then Charlie technically owns her
When Lalu is working for Hong King the thought of her freedom and owning her own land and business is what keeps her going
Over coming adversity
In America during the 1800s there was a lot of racism, especially towards the american chinese community
Even though the Civil War as fought for the freedom of the african american's, Lalu was still not free
Lalu experienced this racism and she also experienced sexism, so she got double the hatred for being a chinese women
Lalu did not just over come adversity from sexism/racism but she also over came the adversity of being a prostitute and being sold around from man to man
Theme quotes
"Insects hummed, distracting, and she thought of the dragon flies her brother used to catch and tie with thread then force to fly from one boy to the next. After a while, their gossamer wings would fall off but, captives still, they could not stop. So they crawled from one master to the other until, exhausted, they died. (149 McCunn)"
This quote really ties in with how freedom ties into Lalu's life. She just the majorly lives her life going from one master to the next but eventuality she does gain a form of freedom when she marries Charlie.
Theme quote
Overcoming adversity
"Maybe Jim right. Or maybe your right. But this my life. Not Jim life. Not yours. Mine. (159 McCunn)"
This quote really shows how far Lalu/Polly had come. She was being sold around but she still over came the fact that she was a slave to the men in her life and she tried her best and used her resources and with Charlies help she eventually gained freedom.
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