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Tua Karling

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of TOK

TOK - Art
What is art?

1. the expression of creative skill through a visual medium such as painting or sculpture.
2. the product of such a process; paintings, drawings, and sculpture collectively.
3. (the arts) the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, and drama.
From The Oxford English Dictionary

Methods used to gather data in arts
Music: notes
Literature: text
Paintings/sculptures: stories through them
Different languages change the meaning in art (poems)
Knowledge through texts or notes (stories/poems from a certain time period)
Having faith in the artist (portraits)
Gaining knowledge of past art by observing the artworks (faith on the time/years)
Faith on the origin (tells about culture)

Intuition in art:
Gives author idea on what to represent in his artpiece.
Helps with understanding of emotions expressed by an artwork.
Steve Macks Dilley : "I start with an idea but it is the intuition that leads me. I know it is right and true when I can feel it in my 'gut'."
Kay Ruffini: "Intuition is the essence of the whole creative process. If art isn't about feelings, then what is its purpose? Everything starts with intuition."
Picasso told a friend that intuition was like having a carrier pigeon with a message land on your balcony. "The important thing is knowing that the pigeon has arrived," he said, "you don't have to unroll the message and read it."
information through senses
->project to the art piece
Art perceived through senses
. historical paintings & novels
gain info from the happenings that they have seen
. looking at a sculpture,
or interactive art like different textures
Know what kind of things
they want to do
Used as inspiration
Fill in the blanks of what happened
-> present as knowledge
. historical paintings
Own knowledge of what the piece is about
Interpreting abstract art
abstract paintings
& modern poems
remembering things used as inspiration

important for using different tools, connecting previous works etc.
a tune or a conversation
Comparing information from art to own memory of event/situation
. novels about historical events
Remembering previous knowledge about the artist/art work
->interpreting the piece through that
What is the most important WOK in gaining knowledge?
To what extent can knowledge gained from art be considered reliable?
Can knowledge in art be objective?
4. Is all art made to 'educate' others, or what other reasons might there be?

sense perception

external stimulus gained by senses
senses vital for acquiring information
imaging something that is not real
capacity to retain previously stored information
In business (e.g. commercials)
Methods of gathering data in art include focus groups, group discussions and interviews. Focus groups are used to test how people assess different pieces of art. Group discussions are used to evaluate good and bad points of some artpiece. And interview are used to know how people react to those pieces of art.
In recreation
Observational method is used to gather information about surrounding world to express in artpiece.
Reasoning in art.
Artist has logical understanding of what is needed for achieving needed effect.
Every small detail is expressed using some technique, because of reason.
Piece of art has reason for being made.
Art expresses feelings, emotions and thoughts of author.
Art is an expression of emotions
Emotions are used to get inspiration.
Helps to create different pieces of art that expresses authors emotions like anger, joy or love.
Art evokes viewers feelings. For instance people feel sad about death of fictional character in the book or happy while listening to their favorite music.
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