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Eloquent CivicVu for Transparency

About software for governments to organize agendas, minutes, videos, photos, audio on the Internet for the public.

Eloquent Systems (old)

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Eloquent CivicVu for Transparency

(transparency) (compliance) (heritage) (knowledge) (culture/tourism) (WebGENCAT Platform) Controlled Vocabulary Secure Public Access Digital Content Member Privileges Physical Storage Retention & Disposition Loans Acquisitions CivicVu Welcome Screen Can be tailored for each customer. Top Level Results Can now drill down.
Browse on left.
Instructions on right Drill Down Hierarchy Standard Navigation View Attachments PDFs
Websites University Secretariat City Council Digital Content Continue for Random Samples For more information and a live demo
1-800-663-8172/100 Sample Council Minutes Video of council meeting Old Scanned Document Photo of civic celebration Browse 199 photos. About the database How to use it 1 2 Search for items 3 Click Top Level See top level. Navigate hierarchy 1 2 3 drill down drill down of View by topic Another sample meeting Another sample video 3rd sample minutes 3rd sample video Full text search Click icons for PDF and video Text from database Restrict search to digital content Several images linked to one descriptive record Text from the database Another sample photograph Optional photo tagging Name each person/item Plan your project
start with current agendas & minutes
add bylaws/resolutions, regulations, forms
add hearings & agendas
add photographs
expand to Eloquent Records
expand to Eloquent Archives Enjoy the power
link all media types
attach objects by the batch
immediately approve for public
use any video option
photo thumbnails are automatic
compliance with retention table
archive for heritage Press Esc to exit. Thank you for your interest in Eloquent CivicVu. Merv Richter, President
Eloquent Systems Inc
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