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Causes of Civil War

No description

James Austin

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Causes of Civil War

Causes of the Civil War Compromise of 1850 Fugitive Slave Act Uncle Tom's Cabin Kansas-Nebraska Act Bleeding Kansas California wants to become a state
Henry Clay's Plan:
1. California as a state
2. NM and UT would be oranized as territories open to slavery
3. Ended the slave trade in Washington D.C.
4. Strong Fugitive Slave Law
Act passes, but satisfies noone
Causes of War:
Unbalance in Congress
Fugitive slave act into law Former slaves could be recaptured in the North
Anyone helping a slave or refused to help could be jailed "slave catchers of us all"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson "I don't respect this law-I don't fear it- I won't obey it...I will not live like a slave, and if force is employed to reenslave me, I shall make preparations to meet the crisis as becomes a man." Harriet Beecher Stowe
Has a vision
Published in sections in abolitionist newspaper
Later published as a novel

Effects on Civil War:
Turned millions of Northerners agianst slavery
Scoffed and cursed in the South "So you're the little women who wrote the book that made this great war"

-Abraham Lincoln -Stephen Douglas RR to California
-Great Plains area into Nebraska Territory
-South agreed if these changes:
2 new territories (Kansas/Nebraska)
Up to settlers to decide about slavery
Popular Sovereignty
Led to violence Settlers pour into Kansas to support/oppose slavery
2 competing governments
Pro-slavery settlers invaded Lawrence, the anti-slavery government
North Outraged
"Free soilers" Beating of Charles Sumner Dred Scott John Brown Brown + seven others invade pro-slavery town Pottawatomie
Dragged 5 men from their homes and hacked them to death with swords Charles Sumner speech: "The Crime Against Kansas"
Insulted southerners

2 days later Charles is beaten by Senator Butler's nephew Court made 2 huge decisions:
Scott could not sue because not a citizen (No African American is a citizen
Scott's stay in a free state did not make him free (Missiouri Compromise unconstitutional) Chief Justice Taney's Argument:
slaves are property...cannot be taken away w/o due process of law
5th ammendment says property cannot be taken away w/o a court hearing
Banning slavery in a territory is the same as taking property away from slaveholders
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