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Passion and Curiosity of a Middle School Spanish Teacher

No description

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Passion and Curiosity of a Middle School Spanish Teacher

The Passion and Curiosity of a Middle School Spanish Teacher
Students visit and explore an authentic Spanish restaurant website and search for key information in the target language. They then call the restaurant as a class!
The Skill of Searching
Using technology is a valuable skill when traveling or searching for information. This particular lessons prompts students to explore a website and look for specific information. They must also figure out a way to communicate and ask questions when the time comes to speak! There is no right or wrong answer as to how they acquire the information but they must find it (just as they would in real life!). Being able to search and obtain information quickly is a valuable skill!
My passion for teaching began at an early age.
My goal is to impact students in a way that they will love learning just as much as I do!
One way I love to share my passion for learning is through the connections that I make with my students!
Students use a Makey Makey kit in order to create a review game!
Technology is a wonderful tool used to connect with students and the material being covered.
Invent Invent Invent!
Being able to adapt and use resources to create something unique is another valuable tool! Using MakeyMakey students are put outside of their comfort zone and invent something unique in order to serve a given purpose.
This can be done with music and video!
After watching the video and dissecting the lyrics, students practice singing the song together. Lastly, students will attempt to recreate their own version of the song in two large groups. We share the videos in class afterwards!
Students must figure out how to convey the meaning of lyrics by their actions using music and video.
The must play around with the kit in order to create something that will test their classmates Spanish knowledge!
Here is one example!
"We know that it will be vital to have more of the “right” education than less, that you will need to develop skills that are complementary to technology rather than ones that can be easily replaced by it and that we need everyone to be innovating new products and services to employ the people who are being liberated from routine work by automation and software" (Friedman 2013).
The connections that I have made with students through my passion and curiosity as a middle school Spanish teacher has led to very unique exploration and accomplishments by my students. These skills will lead them into future as adults and leaders for those to come!
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