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S2 Oceans 05: Ocean Interactions

No description

Joshua McKee

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of S2 Oceans 05: Ocean Interactions

Oceans 05: Mining- Earth Space And Science
Today, I am going study about ocean treasures/resources, but practically mining in the ocean. Nickel, copper, cobalt, and other minerals are found along the floor of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The nodules were first discovered on the Challenger expedition of the 1970s. Mining in the Ocean affects hydrosphere, of course. But, mining in the ocean also affects the biosphere when the chemicals in the ocean move in waves or tides near the shoreline of beaches or earth surface.
Ocean Mining-
Ocean mining has pros and cons, you are going to read about only the cons today. Sit back, and enjoy. Ocean mining produces a lot of pollution that goes into the atmosphere, which then can go back into the water killing a lot of fish and sea creatures. This site wants to ban ocean mining, support if you agree there shouldn't be ocean mining. http://www.deepseaminingoutofourdepth.org/report/.
Describe at least three ways to protect the treasure/resource.

One- Stop mining as much, if we don't mine all the time, it will help decrease pollution. Less fish will be affected in the Hydrosphere and also in the Biosphere.
Two- You can also take action here on this website to help this situation. Just sign this petition to stop ocean mining in the Pacific- http://www.deepseaminingoutofourdepth.org/take-action/.
Three- Another way to protect the treasure/resource of mining is to try not to use chemicals that hurt water and species.
Nickles are used as coins in a America.
Copper is put in computers in order for them to work.
Pollutions occurs when mining, which infects the Hydrosphere, and kills the fish, making the environment unsafe.
When pollution goes into deep into the ground it messes up the ground level. When from the ocean mining goes onto the beach shoreline or the earth's surface the biosphere and goes into the ground, it contaminates the soil, which is a bad deal for crops. The pollution if like oil goes into the ground on the earth's surface it will contaminate the water table too.
Pollution occurs when ocean mining. This process is done in the Hydrosphere, which then the pollution reaches the biosphere, the pollution can kill biosphere organisms. Also it can make us humans ill.
This is one way how mining is done. At the top of the picture it shows the Mining Support Vessel(MSV) so the riser and lifting system does break. In the middle of the picture you see the Riser & Lifter System(RALS) so it can bring the Seafloor Mining Tool back up and down to get the minerals. At the bottom of the picture you see the Seafloor Mining Tool(SMT) which is used to get the minerals, they use this tool because it can stay longer underwater than humans. Plus the more you go down into the ocean the colder it gets.
Mining does help the society, if the mining goes the way it should. You can make a ton of money if you do really good at mining. This really helps the society. But, if you flat out don't get what you want, you waste a ton of money down the drain. It cost a lot of money to get the right machines to do the job. But, there are always going to be things that hurt other places, like organisms in the biosphere and fish in the hydrosphere, because of the pollution. People don't like mining, so it is in danger. It is in danger because a lot of bad affects are caused.
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