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No description

Sarah Sechel

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Matthew

Matthew Espinosa.
How did he keep growing fans?
Well Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , his Youtube channel and of course vine.
Some fun facts.
Matthew's middle name is Lee.
His favortive color is blue.
He love sports : swimming and basketball is his favortive sports.
He loves music.
He favortive clothing was tank-tops.

Some information about Matthew.
Matthew lives in Woodbridge , Va.
He's 16 years old.
He is famous.
He's the only child.
Who is Matthew Espinosa?
Matthew is your average teenager just with millions of fans.
He was a viner. ("Vine" , 6 second videos).

How many follwers?
Vine - 1.6 million follwers. He has more than 310,000 likes and 277,000 revines.
Instagram - 480,000 follwers.
Twitter - 310,000 follwrs.
And he countinues to grow more each day!!
What about with his Youtube?
Well , on his Youtube channel he has 225,000 subscribers!!
He also grows more subsricbers the more he posts and people see!
What he thought.
Matthew didn't consider himself "famous" at all , just a kid with a vine account and fans. He said "he wasn't in movies , shows , songs , nothing but his videos."
Is he the only one?
No , there's 8 other boys that are viners.
They're called "Macgon".
So, what's "Macgon"?
Magcon is a group , of viners.
They're the Magcon family/brothers.
Magcon is also a tour thing. Like the other types of tours , like bands and singers.
Who are the brothers?
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