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Austin Wooten and Hirel Patel

Austin Wooten

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Magnets

Austin Wooten and Hirel Patel Electronic Application- Guitar Pickups
Electric guitar pickups contain electromagnets that allow them to sense the motion of the strings and trransfer that motion to electric energy. The electromagnet in the pickup is actually a series of smaller magnets, referred to as poles, that are wrapped together with a coil. These coiled magnets can be used alone in a single coil pickup, or they can be paired into what is called a humbucking pickup- two single coil pickups that are paired in order to produce a clearer sound than one single coil pickup.

Medical Application- Hands Off Surgery
Hands Off Surgery is an emerging medical breakthrough that allow a surgeon to remotely operate on the heart of a patient. Normaly, a surgeon must wear several articles of protective clothing while operating on a patient. These peices of clothing help to protect the surgeon from X-Ray radiation. With Hands Off Surgery the surgeon can use a computer to control two very large electromagnets that are mounter above the patient. The electromagnetic field can move a catheter through the patients heart in order to locate and help to solve any blockages within the patients heart.
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