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Perfect Reading Environment

No description

adriana gil

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Perfect Reading Environment

Creating a good environment
1. Minimize the habits of distractions
Remove all phones, and social media from the room.

2. Create a consistent work place for studying
Have pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, markers and paper near in case you need them.

3. Find an effective posture for studying
lying down promotes passive reading, therefore it is more effective to sit up while studying.

Ways I summarize information in a textbook
1. Summarize the readings by taking notes on a separate sheet of paper or to the side of the text

2. Highlight and underline the important information that might be meaningful to help to better understand whats going on

3. Reread the summarized notes that you wrote off to the side when your are totally finished with all the readings so you can get a good detailed summary
How to read assigned reading
1. Get in a comfortable place

2.Take occasional breaks

3.Scan the material before reading
Purpose of Reading
Reading is fundamental to success in any field you would enter.

Reading is the key to learning

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Adriana Gil, Vicente Olvera, Thomas Hegger, William Rutledge
Perfect Reading Environment and Purpose
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