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2016-17 World History Final Exam Review

Students can use this study guide to practice for their final in World History!

Robb Odou

on 18 May 2017

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Transcript of 2016-17 World History Final Exam Review

54. What region is referred to
as the "powder keg" of Europe?
Study the questions forwards and back...
The journey to a good Final Exam grade!
Begin by....
Radical Russian Communist
13. Who were the Bolsheviks?
7. What was the goal of direct control?
29. What was Rome's influence on
government and democracy?
Answer these questions
and you are done!

Identify these definitions:
2. The power is divided between central and state governments...
3. A government in which citizens elect leaders who make government decisions.
A republic
4. Increased output of machine-made goods that began in England circa 18th century?
The Industrial Revolution

List three factors of production.
Factors of production are: land, labor, capital
6. Voluntary associations of workers seeking labor reforms are called...
8. What was true of indirect control?
9. Who benefited most from extraterritorial rights?
Foreigners in China.

What were the "14 points" ?
U.S. president Wilson's plan for a postwar world.
11. What was unrestricted submarine warfare?
WWI- Germany's policy to sink any ship
in British waters without warning them.
12.What was trench warfare intended to accomplish?
Designed to protect soldiers from
enemy gun fire on the front lines.
14. What is a totalitarian state?
The government controls every
aspect of public and private life.
15. What was the purpose of the Soviet's Five-Year Plans?
It was a plan for
economic development
16. Who marched 6,000 miles (known as the "long march")?
Chinese Communists, fleeing the Nationalists
17. Who led the protest known as
the Salt March?
Mohandis K. Gandhi
18. What effect did the Dawes Plan
have on the economy of post-war Germany?
It saved Germany from inflation and stabilized the economy
19. What does Fascism stress?
20. What was the policy of appeasement?
The British and the French decision to give
in to German aggression to keep peace.
21.The German blitzkrieg depended on?
It needed surprise and
overwhelming force to succeed.
22.The Nuremberg Trials addressed what event?
23. What was the Allies strategy of Island
Attacks only on islands
that were not well defended
24. How did Kristallnacht demonstrate Nazi persecution of Jews?
Nazi troops attacked and destroyed
Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues.
25. What was Hitler's "final solution"?
The genocide of all people
the Nazis considered inferior.
26. What was the purpose of the Truman Doctrine?
27. The alliance established by Russia in response to NATO was called?
Warsaw Pact
28. The justification used for the US foreign policy
during the cold war?
The Domino Theory
Ideas of republic, citizenship, written legal code, equal and impartial justice.

Government form English established during
the Glorious Revolution?
A constitutional monarchy
31. Believed all humans had a right to
life, liberty, property.
32. Montesquieu's influence on the US Constitution?
The branches of government
33. US Declaration of Independence was written by?
Thomas Jefferson
34. The American Bill of Rights was influenced by?
Voltaire, Locke, Rousseau

How did the Declaration embody Enlightenment ideals?
Said people have rights of
36. What percentage of France's population belonged to the Third Estate?
37. Which document said "men are born and remain free and equal in rights"?
38. During the reign of Terror, who was safe from the guillotine?
No One
39. What were Napoleon's peacetime accomplishments?
He set up government run public schools,
comprehensive system of laws, and a fairer tax code.
40. A goal of the congress of Vienna:
Establish a balance of power in Europe
by stopping Napoleon
41. The issue that led to the first meeting
of the Estates-General in 175 years.
Proposed TAXATION of the Second Estate
42. Results of the agricultural revolution?
Small farmers became tenant farmers or
moved to the cities, enclosures became landmarks of the wealthy landowners who experimented with new
agricultural methods.
43. The main cause of urbanization during the 19th century was?
44. What did Britain do to keep industrial secrets from the United States?
Final column and...
are done!
45. Why was India called the"Jewel in the crown"?
It was the most valuable of all of Britain's colonies
46. How did Menelik II keep colonial interests out of Ethiopia?
He exploited European rivalries
and built a modern army.
47. Results from the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885?
48. Why did some business leaders want Hawaii annexed to the United States?
49. The main cause of inadequate food supplies in Africa during European colonization?
Europeans insisted on the
growth of cash crops like cotton.
50. Which region tried to modernize to keep their nation free of foreign control?
1. Form of government based on the idea that people can govern themselves?
51. Why did Britain take control of the Suez Canal?
Egypt could not pay its foreign debt.
52. What happened as a result of the Sepoy revolt?
The British government took
direct command of India.
53. What effect did Commodore Perry's
visit have on Japan?
Japan and the US signed the
Treaty of Kanagawa
The Balkan Peninsula
55. Which nation caused the
US' entry into WWI?
It had limited self-rule
Support for countries that rejected communism
John Locke
About 98%
Declaration of
the Rights of Man
Forbade engineers, mechanics and
toolmakers from leaving the country.
56. Who was forced to assume sole responsibility
for WWI under the Treaty of Versailles?
57. What event in Sarajevo
started WWI (The Great War)?
Europeans divided Africa into colonies without consulting African leaders.
So sugar could be sold for higher profits.
Assassination of Archduke Franz
Ferdinand and his wife Sophie
58. Impact of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
on Germany?
Allowed Germany to focus
all their efforts on the Western Front
59. Who did China's peasants join up
with in the 1920's?
Translation: Chicks dig revolutionaries, so you keep all their cell phone numbers in this little red book!
60. What led Great Britain to grant India limited self-rule?
Continuous campaigns of civil disobedience by Indians
62. What event marked the beginning of the
Great Depression?
61. What event in 1937 temporarily stopped the Chinese Civil war?
Japan's all-out invasion of China
Stock market crash of 1929
63. What was true of Germany, Italy,
and Japan during the early 1930's?
All three successfully invaded other nations
64. What prompted Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany?
German invasion of Poland
65. Which event is called" a date
which will live in infamy"?
Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor
66. The significance of the
Battle of Midway?
It turned the war against Japan and in our favor
67. Where were the
atomic bombs dropped?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
68. Which leader won
China's war?
69. What name did Mao
give to the country?
70. Tactics used by superpowers during the cold War to influence Third World Nations include:
and counterrevolution
Provide military aid and
build schools.
Go back over all this material again and again until you know the answers before you see them
Gangnam style!
"Thug Life"
Blade by Gillette
scratching flea bites!
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