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My Portfolio In Stages

Red Deer College Theatre & Entertainment Admissions Portfolio

Cassidy Crawford

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of My Portfolio In Stages

A Reflection
on the Past Cassidy Crawford Red Deer College Performing Arts
Theatre and Entertainment
Production Program Admissions Portfolio The
Stages of
my Life ...hosanna, heysanna
sanna, sanna ho.... J Jesus Christ Superstar The Shaw Festival Entertaining the
Idea It all started with my telling my parents
at the age or four that I wanted to be a singer and nurse.
The nurse thing never panned out but my love of
entertainment sure did.
Throughout elementary and high school I not only
continued singing but I added acting to the mix.
I was in every production, every Christmas pagent
and went on every theatre field-trip.
Then in my final years of school I discovered the
world of technical theatre and my life was forever changed. A College Collage The moment I set
foot inside the theatre at
John Abbott College I was home.
For the next three years I studied the
ins and outs of technical theatre and
thrived on it! Sound, lights,
sets, stage management
I did it all and L VED it! The Art Gallery
of Cassidy works produced at John Abbott College Some Technical Things I've Done A Set Piece A Door A Mask The Crucible

Our Country's Good

Royal Enclosure

A Midsummer
Night's Dream

After the Fall

The Cherry Orchard

The Madwoman of Chaillot

Rehearsal for Murder set crew chief stage manager stage manager & sound box office & light crew sound sound set crew box office & usher John Abbott College productions I was involved in So with graduation cap in hand I set out into the world of theatre but instead ended up in the world theatre.
During college I met my other great love and as they say "life happens" and did it ever.
Within a year of graduation I was married, had a new baby and quickly became the technical director of my family instead of a theatre.

The backstage would have to wait. The Here & Now
and Not So
Long Ago Now We're Jammin' http://www.logjammusic.com Website Designed by Me Following a move from Montreal to Alberta I kept my hand in the theatre while working FOH at the Jube in Calgary.
This lasted until another move took me out of city's reach so I concentrated on my family and kept myself busy with other adventures and enterprises.
Several years after yet another move my husband and I
settled in Caroline, AB where we currently own
Log Jam Music.
A music store where the unusual is the norm. And We're Back While dipping my foot back into the music and entertainment pool an opportunity came up for me to join a local theatre group.
Northern Crossing Music & Drama Society has brought me back to the theatre and back to my roots.
Since the spring of 2011 I have been the sound engineer & designer on two musicals and two Christmas concerts with a third musical in progress.
I Joseph The Music Man

The King & I

Welcome Christmas

Joseph and the Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat

A Celebration of Christmas Northern Crossing Productions The Future
What does it hold? Once interested in the behind-the-scene workings of the school plays I became more and more fascinated by it. This lead me to
job shadow at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal and that experience sealed the deal on what I would do after high school..... Video re-edited by me Starting with the 2011 Christmas concert I have been designing the graphic work for Northern Crossing. The Graphic Details Always artistic at heart my current paint of choice is digital and my canvas is a myriad of print materials designed for various venues. In 2007 my design for a new village logo won top prize and is currently being used in an official capacity. Some ads
I've created for Log Jam Now, may I present my resume BTW I have never stopped singing.

In fact I've sung my way around central Alberta including Handel's Messiah at Prairie Bible College in Three Hills, the Northern Crossing Christmas concerts and many churches.

A real treat is when I am accompanied by some very special musicians, my husband and son, while singing at local events.

What can I say? There's a bit of performer still left in me. That's it for the details, so now what? All the world's a stage! With the past behind me and the present close at hand I look forward to refreshing my knowledge, learning new skills and delving deeper into the world of theatre and entertainment.
For as Shakespeare wrote: We've been offering live sound
reinforcement services for
several years now and
have our own equipment Click the link to check out my website Prezi designed by me. Thanks for watching! See you in class.
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