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why is it important to know about cells

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Anna Dasari

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of why is it important to know about cells

Importance of Cells
By: Anna Dasari
So......... why is it important to know about cells?
dna fingerprinting
cell research
By learning about cells and how they function, you can learn about all types of living things.
Cells are the basic unit of structure in all living things.
Cells contain the hereditary information passed on during cell division.
Since cells are in all living things, they provide information about all life.
Because all cells come from other cells, scientists can study cells to learn about growth, reproduction, and all other functions that living things perform.
Importance of Cells
to produce purer medicines and in time organs for the many people who need transplants.
Biotechnology uses techniques and information from cell biology to genetically modify crops to produce alternative characteristics
to clone plants and animals
to produce and ensure high quality food is available at lower costs
Genetic research helps with detection, prevention and/or treatment of diseases which are caused by genetic abnormalities or mutations.
Humans are made of several trillions of cells.
which contains nucleus with chromosomes, and each chromosome contains DNA.
DNA is made up of segments of genes which determines someone's unique traits.
Everyone has thousands of genes which play a role in your overall health too.
This is because your unique DNA is the same in all of your cells.
Everyone is born with a "DNA fingerprint", and it is unique to you (unless you have an identical twin).
Unlike a fingerprint from your hand, DNA fingerprints can't be found by dusting for prints.
To find a DNA fingerprint, a scientist has to take the DNA out of the nucleus of a cell.
The cell that is used to get a DNA fingerprint can be a skin cell, a hair root cell, or even a cheek cell.
Cells can be used to find diseases and mutations, witch then can be used to find a treatment for those diseases and mutations.
Cells are also constantly used to try to find a way to find a cure for Caner.
Where the cells are all out of whack and messed up.
Cells can be used to save lives, by finding cures to all sorts of diseases.
Cells can also be used to catch criminals, and solve crime/unsolved cases.
Cells are the basic units of the life.
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