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No description

andrew thompson

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of dodge

Andrew Thompson The dodge Brothers Horace Dodge John Dodge The brothers made there first, start making Ford parts. For Henry Ford 1914 One of the first auto model built was Model T's The dodge brohers helped build The first "truck" was not built untill WW2 More of a panal van not a pickup 1868-1920 1864-1920 The main complex where the dodge brothers grew and expand there company after stepping down with henry ford 1920 The dodge brothers passed away from influenza. John became ill shortly after his brothers illness. after attending the internatioanl automobile show New York John Dodge Jan 14, 1920 Horace Dodge Dec 10, 1920 After the lost of the dodge brothers the widows couldnt make the same effect like the brothers did. Sold the company for one of th biggest sales in auto sale 1925 146- million for 3yrs down the road later bought by chrysler now known by chrysler dodge 1928-170 million dodge is one of the known dealerships Dodge Partnership High: 105.05 a share Low: Down -0.52 (49%) Net asst-56.48B 2009 income min invest. 2,500 good investment: 40,000 gros from the last year known as a large value
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