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Foreign Country Research Project Checklist

No description

Josh Drozdowski

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Foreign Country Research Project Checklist

*2 pictures
*The name of the country
*Languages spoken
*The location (what continent it's on)

*Major landforms.

*Major bodies of water.

*Major cities.

*2 pictures

*The Date the country came into existence.

*Famous people/rulers/kings/presidents/etc. from the country's history.

*Major events in the country's history.

*How the country became a country.

*1 pictures

Foreign Country Research Project Checklist
This is a project meant for you to explore a place you've always been curious about.
*Clothing *Music
*Holidays *Religions
*Food *Government
*Life expectancy
*Literacy Rate
*2 pictures

The next slides are what you need to have in your presentation
*And if you need more space just draw an arrow and add another slide. (Ask for help and I can show you how)
Don't forget you can have as much space as you need.
*Natural Resources
*Goods Produced
*Major occupations (jobs)
*The currency (type of money)
*2 pictures

*General weather conditions

*Average yearly rainfall

*Average yearly temperature

*What effects the climate has on the country

*1 picture

Interesting Facts
*Modes of transportation

*Story behind the flag

*Strange laws

*Travel tips
*Native animals

Works Cited
You need to cite the sources you got information from.
For example: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/fr.html
These sites should get you started. Feel free to use google to search for other information.
Websites that can be used for research:

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