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Class Guidance #6

Adolescent Stage - Physical Changes

neil uy

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Class Guidance #6

Adolescence Stage The Awakening Class Guidance #6 Adolescence is the time
when you change and grow
physically and mentally
from a child into an adult. When? Puberty happens
between the age
of 10 to 16. Boys may develop faster
if they are perfectly normal
and healthy too. Hormones are special chemical
messengers that tell your body
how and when to change and to grow. "Growth Spurt" is caused
by growth hormone. What are the signs? 1.Take a bath regularly.
2.Use an over-the-counter treatment or
consult a dermatologist for a recommendation.
3.Keep hands off your face! Don’t pick,
pop, or touch blemishes at any time.
4.Eat healthy food.
5. Water! Sudden Squeak or cracking
of your voice is the
first sign that your
voice is changing. Testosterone causes the
larynx (voice box) to grow
larger and your vocal cords
get thicker and longer. What makes me
different for a child? Baby Your penis starts to
lengthen and thicken. At the same time, your testicles will also grow and they start to produce sperm. Semen is a mucus-like fluid
in which sperm swim. Circumcision This is an operational procedure
where in the foreskin of the
penis is cut. But Remember! There is nothing wrong with being
circumcised and there is nothing
wrong with not being circumcised. Not all boys undergo this process
since it is a cultural and
religious rite. Nocturnal emission or wet dreams
are our body's natural way of
releasing fluid from our body. Same with your body, your mind also
develops in less visible ways Mental Abilities increase such as
capacity for critical and
independent thinking. All these may be exciting signs of becoming an adult but they don't mean you are already an adult. Always remember that everyone is different and there is always a perfect time for every individual
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