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Superhero Trivia

No description

Lizz Martensen

on 3 July 2015

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Transcript of Superhero Trivia

Which superhero battles Dr. Octopus?
A. Batman
B. Spider-man
C. The Hulk
D. Doctor Druid
Who owns Stark Industries?
A. Iron Man
B. Batman
C. Green Arrow
D. Mr. Fantastic
Who was known as Nathaniel Adam and Allen Adam?
A. Captain Atom
B. Nightshade
C. Firestorm
D. Ion
Marvel was first known as ...
A. Timely Comics
B. Goodman Comics
C. New York Superhero Comics
D. It was always known as Marvel Comics
Superhero Trivia
In which publication did Spider-Man first appear?
A. Amazing Spider-Man
B. Amazing Story
C. Amazing Fantasy
D. Amazing Adventures
Which of these superheroes has no superpowers?
A. Batman
B. Superman
C. Spider-Man
D. Wonder Woman
Which superhero was adopted by a couple in Kansas?
A. Spider-Man
B. Superman
C. Aquaman
D. The Hulk
Which superhero was not a founding member of the original Avengers?
A. The Hulk
B. Iron Man
C. Thor
D. Captain America
Who owes their superpowers to an herb?
A. Green Lantern
B. Captain Comet
C. Iron Fist
D. Black Panther
Which superhero is a prince?
A. Iron Fist
B. Batman
C. Geo-Force
D. Professor X
Who was not an alter ego of The Flash?
A. Wally West
B. Bruce Allen
C. Barry Allen
D. Jay Garrick
What was Garganta's profession?
A. Biochemist
B. Teacher
C. Spy
D. Detective
Who has accelerated healing powers?
A. Batman
B. Catwoman
C. Wolverine
D. The Flash
Which team possesses the
A. Metal Men
B. Justice League of America
C. X-Men
D. Teen Titans
Who is the Tick's sidekick?
A. Robin
B. Kato
C. Toro
D. Arthur
Who uses the Lasso of Truth?
A. Wonder Girl
B. Wonder Woman
C. Bizarra
D. Supergirl
Marvel once owned the rights to the word ...
A. Superhero
B. Zombie
C. Sidekick
D. Alien
Captain America was once called ...
A. Super Captain
B. Sargent America
C. Red-White-Blue-Blur
D. Super American
Whose secret identity is Kate Kane?
A. Catwoman
B. Poison Ivy
C. Batwoman
D. Wonder Woman
The Hulk was once, in the comics, what color?
A. Orange
B. Purple
C. Grey
D. Cobalt
Superman was once pictured as ...
A. Having bright purple eyes
B. Being bald
C. Being short
D. Having very pale skin
The Green Lantern gets his power from ...
A. A flash of light
B. Being electrocuted
C. A ring
D. He's always had power
Before she had powers, Captain Marvel, previously known as Ms. Marvel, was a ...
A. Librarian
B. Florist
C. Major in the Air Force
D. Captain of Metro Police
Stan Lee created Iron Man as a challenge to create a character no one would like and force people to like him
A brand new town was created in Galisteo, New Mexico for the movie "Thor"
Wonder Woman was made out of clay and then brought to life
Which Batman movie was the only one not to use the Bat Signal?
A. The Dark Knight Rises
B. Batman Begins
C. Batman and Robin
D. Batman Returns
Who is RICHER?
Tony Stark/Iron Man

Bruce Wayne/Batman
What artist inspired the design of Batman's cape?
A. Stan Lee
B. Leonardo Da Vinici
C. Michangelo
D. Walt Disney
Marvel's Dr. Doom inspired what other famous character?
A. Darth Vader
B. Batman
C. Mad Max
D. Magneto
Speaking of Dr. Doom, he was once beaten by squirrels
There is a Bluejay that is a superhero and is a part of a group called The Bird Avengers

Who was created first - Deadpool or Deathstroke?
What is the fourth wall?
A. one of the walls of this room
B. The ability for a character to talk to the reader
C. The ability for reader to read a characters thoughts
D. The ability for a character to talk to God
Wolverine was almost named ...
A. Possum
B. Gopher
C. Badger
D. Beaver
Technically Gotham City is in ...
A. New York
B. New Jersey
C. California
D. Colorado
Why is Spider-Man's name hyphenated?
A. Because the author got tired of the computer saying it was spelled wrong
B. Because "spiderman" (all one word) was already copy-righted
C. So people wouldn't confuse his name with Superman
D. Because it was a typo in the first comic so they couldn't change it
DC once claimed that Superman was hard to recognize as Clark Kent because ...
A. People aren't very smart
B. No one thought a mild-mannered reporter could be superman
C. Because he compresses his spine to look shorter
D. Because his glasses are made of a glass that hypnotizes people.
What character was almost killed off in the 1960's because they were so unpopular?
A. Squirrel Girl
B. Batman
C. Superman
D. Wonder Woman
It would cost about $300 million for someone to become a real-life Batman
Libraries aren't allowed to have comic books in their collection because they fall apart too quickly
The creator of Wonder Woman and her lasso of truth also helped to create the first lie detector
There is a Marvel Universe character named BBQ Sauce
... and the winner is
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