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Claudia Sehl

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Sock Monkey

Claudia Sehl
Sock Monkey HISTORY
Sock monkeys became popular in the Victorian Era, when not only stuffed toys were the 'craze', but all of arts and crafts movement
John Nelson, a Swedish immigrent to the United States, patented the sock knitting machine in 1869
Knock my Socks off!
Rockford Work Socks
It was then John Nelson who manufactured the Rockford work socks in 1890
The iconic SOCK MONKEY emerged in 1932
Rockford work socks then took-on the name De-Tec-Tip, to ensure customers were buying the original red-heel socks!
Sock monkeys were made for soldiers by children out of worn out socks
Sock monkeys today come in various shapes and sizes, but the love of the plush toy never changes!
Do It Yourself!
Steps & How to of Sock monkeys!
Never an official design!
*Sewing needle (any size will do)
*Rockford work socks, or a variation of socks (no ankle socks!)
*thread (I chose white to blend)
*Fabric scissors
* accessories (ex: buttons for eyes, embroidery thread for details)

*I think I cut the legs too long on the monkey (step one)
* I sewed up as much as I could on the monkey's legs!
* Mouth is slightly crooked
* Although it may look slightly unprofessional, it adds to the character of the monkey, so I did not find it necessary to fix it
*Overstuffed the arms
* Took out the stitches to take out some stuffing
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