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Lulu Publishing Wizard: Getting Started

Step 1: Choose your book's format, enter its title, author name, and decide where you want to sell it.

Glenn Hunt

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Lulu Publishing Wizard: Getting Started

When you are ready to create your printed book, click Create > Create Print Book to open the book builder.
Here you will choose the type of book you wish to create. You can choose from popular preformatted options or build your own book by selecting from the options listed below the specifications panel.
What is the title of my book?
You have
a story to

How do you
get started?

Create a Lulu.com account.
Click Create > Create Print Book.

Our Book Publishing Wizard will
guide you through the process.

Access and Distribution Options
The accessibility settings you choose here determine whether your book can be submitted to other online retailers. If you plan to sell your book on other retail sites, choose, Sell on Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. This option will allow you to assign an ISBN to your book.
Title and Author Fields
Use proper title punctuation. What is entered here must exactly match the title as it is displayed on your title page.

If your title includes a subtitle, enter both in the title field, separated by a colon (Title: Subtitle).

The author name should be entered as you wish it to appear on the book's cover. Include middle initials in the first name field (Alfred E.). Include professional credentials in the last name field (Newman, Ph.D).
Choose this option if you wish to apply an ISBN to your book. An ISBN is required to sell your book on retail sites such as Amazon.com.
Helpful Tips:

You have now designed, named, and decided how you want to share your story.

In the next steps of the publishing wizard, you will upload your completed manuscript, create your book cover, and write a brief book description to capture the attention of your potential readers.

Each product line allows authors to choose from affordable, high quality options.

At this time, it is not possible to insert color pages into a black & white print book. If your book requires color illustrations, the entire book will be printed as if every page were printed in color.
How do I want the world to know me?

Am I publishing for a limited audience or do I want to sell my book on Lulu and other online retailers?
You can save and exit your project at
any time. Simply log back into your Lulu account, go to My Lulu, and click on the project name to continue creating your masterpiece.
The calculator estimates your book's production costs as you choose your options. Add page numbers for a more accurate estimate.
Your manuscript pages should be formatted to match the book's size selected in this step.
Click to choose a product line
Click to choose a preformatted option. Scroll down to choose additional options.
Indicates this format is eligible for distribution to online retailers.
Click to make a book with the selected options.
Download Template
for a blank template, style guide, and cover dimensions for the book format you selected.
Spine Measurements
displays cover dimensions for the options selected and page number entered.
Helpful Tips
If one of our preformatted options does not fit your needs, you can build your own customized book by selecting a binding, paper color, and size.
Don't see what you are looking for within your product line? Try selecting the white or cream colored paper to view additional options.
The displayed size options are determined by the product line selected above, the selected binding, and paper color.
The options you select in this section are used in the manufacturing price calculation above.
If your selected options qualify for retail distribution, the green Distribution-Eligible icon will display in the product specifications above.
Once you have selected your book binding and size, you need to give it a title, sign your name to it, and decide where you are going to sell it.
Book specifications, templates, and calculators.
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