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The Spoils System

No description

Candace Long

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of The Spoils System

What is the Spoils System?
The spoils system, also known as the Patronage system, is the practice of giving government jobs to loyal members of the winning party.
The spoils system was practiced greatly under the administration of Andrew Jackson.
Jackson felt the SS would eliminate corruption and would be a great reward for his loyal supporters.
Jackson Cont.
Jackson declared that the federal gov't. would be bettered by having civil servants rotate in office.
Published reports in the 19th century said that Jacksons spoils were the reason for 700 government officers losing their jobs in 1829, Jacksons' first year as president.
The Spoils System
By: Candace Long
How it Started
The spoils system began with the development of the Federalist, and Democratic Republican parties.
The term was derived from New York Senator William L. Marcys' comment "To the victor belong the spoils".
Andrew Jackson & the Spoils System
Is the Spoils System Helpful ?
Pro Spoils Argument :
People in favor of the spoils system say it maintains an active party organization, offers loyal workers occupational rewards, and guarantees loyal employees, creating an over all more effective government.
Argument Against Spoils
People who are against the spoils system argue that people are hired with no regard for their qualifications or ability to do the job and that numerous position changes leads to inefficiency.
Pendleton Act
With all the craziness brought about by the spoils system, the federal government reacted with the Pendleton Civil Service Act.
The Pendleton act made it so government jobs be awarded based on merit, and be put through competitive exams.
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