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Midwifery Care for Every Body

No description

Jaqxun Darlin

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Midwifery Care for Every Body

Don't Pass the Buck
Health disparities
Midwives are uniquely qualified care providers
You will change people's lives
Midwifery Care For Every Body
Midwives Have the Skills
Parallels and Overlap
Relevant Concepts and Terminology
Gender vs. sexuality
Transgender or trans*
MTF = male to female
FTM = female to male
Gender nonconforming or GNC
Butch vs. masculine of center
Terms for non-trans people
Cis or cisgender
Bio (and why this term is problematic)
Common procedures
No Assumptions
Preferred pronoun
He/him, she/her, ze/hir, they
What will your child call you?
Body parts and functions
Flexible language
Pitfalls in common midwifery phrases
Inclusion Benefits All Clients
Pap/STI testing risks and schedules
Informed choice conversations
Referrals: Know the allies!
Community resources
Making "mistakes"
Integrating Transgender and Genderqueer Inclusive Practices for the Benefit of All Clients
Krystel Viehmann, LM, CPM
Jackson Carr, student MW

Health Disparities Affecting Genderqueer and Trans* Folks
Barriers to Access and Quality
Be in the know about some common procedures:
Top surgery
Bottom surgery
No health insurance
Lack of knowledgable providers
Lack of evidence-based care

Queer Theory of Gender
Midwifery Model
of Care
Individuals as experts on their own

Humans as dynamic beings who can
grow and change

Need for individualized care
It's All About Trust
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