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Samso Energy Academy - prezi for DC

Samsø energy academy's presentation for EU open house - May 2011

Samsø Energiakademi

on 2 April 2012

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Transcript of Samso Energy Academy - prezi for DC

WELCOME TO SAMSØ a renewable energy island we are all here! we are here Samsø on Samsø we say: "think local, act local" we do it.. how we do it? ...by harvesting our energy
from wind, sun and biomass. why we do it? In 1997 we made
a Masterplan.. Anchorage
Transformation 4.000 inhabitants Mission completed!
From importing to exporting
$78 million invested Based on: Survival of the island
Local economy
Independence Proven technology
Action plan
Problems Energy democracy
Local ownership
Depopulation "crowning" the ten years
of transformation Samsø Energy Academy Samsø Energy Academy is a place where people of all nations can share ideas about energy and how it is made and used. Energy networking begins LOCAL NATIONAL EUROPEAN Samsø Energy Academy
currently works with projects on 3 platforms Local jobs 100 % CO2
(and more!) 10 years later, in 2007: New local
knowledge projects like: Cradle 2 Cradle Isle Pact Energy ambassadors Energy Safari Inres BioMob we invite you to SAMSØ come, visit, learn, inspire,
teach, share & be inspired... as they did... we think in "networks" Communication is essential - Listen and learn
Commitment by ownership - Create leadership Meeting with the Irish President- Oct 2010 Engagement by involvement - Invite stakeholders
Sharing by exchanging ideas - No copyright North Sea Region C2C partners
meeting- Nov 2010 where is the energy island's spirit? Workshop Training - Jan 2011 we have learned
we are still learning NEW MASTERPLAN Fossil-free island
Intelligent energy 2011 next praxis Samsø 2.0 2030 best praxis want more information?
find us at energiakademiet.dk 114 sq km/44sq ml Global Japan USA
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