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Integrate Your Marketing Efforts

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Kat Shanahan

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Integrate Your Marketing Efforts

Integrate Your Marketing Efforts
ACUI Region V | Northern Illinois University | 2014
Kat Shanahan | UC Promotions Coordinator | @KaSh18
What is Integrated Marketing Communications?
IMC in the UC
Benefits of IMC
Implementing IMC
Create clear, measurable goals for the UC and UC departments
Enhance collaboration between departments
Build the foundation for a repeatable process for future marketing efforts

Certain elements created as a full staff
1 year of organization for departments
Start with what is already being done

IMC Plans
3 Overarching goals that all departments work to achieve
10 Different IMC Plans in the FY2014-2015
Cohesive messaging strategy encompassing all customer touch points

Encompasses advertising, public relations, direct marketing, sales/promotions

Can be confused with "branding"

"Long term brand equity and growth depends on our ability to successfully integrate and implement all elements of a comprehensive marketing program." - Timm R. Crull, Chairman & CEO of Nestle
Educate staff on what each area of the plan really means

Implement plans in stages

Start with what you're already doing

Define "objectives"
Must be measurable and must have a defining time frame

Do NOT use the term "Marketing Goals"

Marketing ideas and deadlines determined at least a semester in advance

Account managers to work with departments to adhere to timelines

Increased cross-departmental collaboration

Measurable results
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