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donya alinejad

on 5 January 2016

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Transcript of Globalization

Globalization and the City:
the importance of identities
in a dynamic, urban world

Lecture and exercises
Research groups and projects

Grasp and apply main concepts
Analyze your own engagement with the city
Prepare for research

Today's structure and goals
“Globalization” is a euphemism for cultural imperialism
Proposition #1
Globalization challenges the authority and sovereignty of the state
Proposition #2
Today's main concepts


poverty and
wealth inequality
(local) media institutions
gender and
ethnic minorities
Research Groups
Research topics
community services and organizations
In groups of 3:

Share the key quote you chose from the Croucher text

Discuss what the main purpose of the text is

Share your thoughts with the class
Why is it important to study
in the context of globalization?

Discussion exercise...
Reflecting on discussion ...
politics of (in)visibility
Group 1
Lasse Rogie

Sophie Lennartz

Nirmal Muppiri Reddy

Juul Spaan

Annegret Saladin

Group 2
Peppi Vaananen

Manuela Vooijs

Robin Laird

Tess Castelijn

Group 3
Bibi-ann Hesselink

Melanie Butterati

Laurien Korringa

Roos Kruimer
Group 4
Clara Kelvin Grey

Briana Hoek

Pauline Claes

Margherita Caprotti

Group 5

Melanie Butterati

Stevie Gyurkovits

Susan van Hijfte

Eva Kagenaar
Global interconnections reveal imbalances/inequality
finance capital
Multiple dimensions of globalization feed into one another, rather than being strictly causal
communications technologies
(long-distance) migrant identifications
Belonging is always implicated in these processes of interconnection
people must (struggle to) find their place in this "world in flux"
Amartya Sen
Globalization and economic poverty
Arjun Appaduai
Global "Scapes"
Immanuel Wallerstein
World Systems
Encounters of the (in)tolerant kind?
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