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Caribou Coffee

No description

Toby Robinson

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Caribou Coffee

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsD1zoI7NYo OUR COMPANY Kimberly and John Puckett

Bring the mountain experience to local neighborhoods

December 1992, First Caribou opens in Minnesota How we started Achievements Dominate in Midwest
Sold 60% to Arcapita
Almost 500 company owned locations
successful company partnerships
Aspirations and Experiences Extraordinary experience that feeds the soul
Aspire to be a place in the community that people love. Values Guests

what we do The Drinks
tea the grub
handmade oatmeals
pastries OUR ORGANIZATION Board of Directors Executives
Mike Tattersfield: CEO
Timothy Hennessey: CFO
Alfredo Martel: Senior VP of Marketing
Gary Graves
Non-Executive Chairman
Kip R. Caffey
Sarah Palisi Chapin
Michael J. Coles
Wallace B. Doolin
Charles L. Griffith
Charles H. Ogburn
Philip H. Sanford
Michael Tattersfield
President, CEO and Director Organizational Structure Mike Tattersfield: CEO Timothy Hennessy: CFO Rosalyn Mallet: President and COO Sales Global Marketing
Research and Development SITUATION ANALYSIS
Strengths Weaknesses
Differentiation of brand
Consistency within locations
Environmental and social consciousness Specificity of brand
Expansion plan is completely internally managed Expansion into home brewing options for grocery stores
Possibility of new locations
Introduction of new, non-coffee products
Expansion of franchise program Competitors who are already well established in certain markets
Entire company has one roasting facility
Minnesota corporate law has laws against anti-takeover effects CARIBOU AND THE ENVIRONMENT Rainforest Alliance Committed to saving rainforests
80% of our Coffee
Our goal is 100% Beyond the Coffee creating relationships
Improving lives
Producing communities
-Clean water
MARKET PRODUCT FOCUS Why we're different Target Markets Marketing Strategies Advertising
Direct MArketing
Public Relations
Promotions Airports
College campuses
Business professional
college student Store Environment
Rainforest Alliance
daily in store promotions
product names Marketing Mix Product: Reindeer Blend At Home Brewing Coffee Bean

Price: 1 pound Bags- $14.99
1/2 pound Bags- $8.99

Place: Any of the 500 Caribou Locations, online, grocery stores

Promotion: Buy 2 pounds of Reindeer Blend Coffee for $25. MARKETING ENVIRONMENT Competition Economic
Regulatory Technology Sociocultural Primary competition is other premium coffee shops
Store Experience
Home Brew
Depending on an individual’s commitment to their coffee, the current state of economy could effect sales
Have the goal of earning $1,000,000 per store per year Subject to various licenses and regulations, health and safety, and labor laws
Roasting Facility Online stores, Kiosks
"Card Based" Society Involvment in the community
Environmentally conscious
Investment in the costumer
OUR COMPANY FINANCIALLY 5 Year Stock Performance Red: Caribou Green: S&P 500 Orange: Industry average Revenue and Ratios
2008 2009 Initial Quarter
Current Ratio
Caribou Coffee 0.88 1.45 1.81
Starbucks 0.80 1.29 1.55 EPS and Projections Annual Earnings Estimates Data through last Friday
12-10 12-11 $ Growth % $ Growth %
High 0.46 --- 0.62 34.8

Five Year Growth Forecast: 20.0 %
Industry Average: 15.5 % WHAT DO YOU STAY AWAKE FOR? Jake Villas
Toby Robinson Amber Oslin Beckah Ripley Brandon Hershey TRIVIA Compensation: $1,532,677 Compensation:$941,261 2010-03-12 22,000 Acquisition
2009-04-24 150,000 Acquisition
2010-03-12 20,000 Acquisition
2009-08-21 42,739 Acquisition 2010-08-25 2,571 Sale at $9.71
2010-05-05 1,179 Sale at $8.64
2010-0312 20,000 Acquisition
2010-03-12 20,000 Acquisition
2010-03-12 7,700 Acquisition
2010-03-12 11,000 Acquisition
2009-08-21 9,516 Acquisition
2009-08-21 14,274 Acquisition
2009-08-21 30,843 Acquisition
2009-08-20 11,111 Exercise
2009-08-20 11,111 Sale at $7.75
2009-08-19 9,604 Exercise
2009-08-19 9,604 Sale at $7.50
2009-08-13 1,507 Exercise
2009-08-13 1,507 Sale at $7.50
2009-08-10 11,111 Sale at $7.00.
2009-08-10 11,111 Exercise
2009-08-10 33,333 Exercise
2009-08-10 33,333 Sale at $7.40 e.
2009-04-24 13,600 Acquisition
2009-03-13 13,600 Buy at $1.83
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