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World War Z

Independent Reading Project

Austin Davis

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of World War Z

World War Z: What Happened New Dachang
August 2012

Patient Zero Found in run
down hospital Kyrgyzstan
June 2013

Canadian Special Force encounter zomebies in remote region South Africa
June 2014

Riots in South Africa Israel
September 2015

Israel enacts Operation Moses II,
allows sanctuary for Jews United States of America
September 2015

USA enacts Phase One of anti-zombie campaign, is for the most part unnesuccesful Israel
January 2016

Israeli Self-Quartine against all immigrants World
Febuary 2016

Zombie infestation becomes so bad, now labeled "The Great Panic" New York, New York
March 2016

New York falls completely to zombies Iran-Pakistan
Octobver 2016

Nuclear War breaks out because of unregulated immigration into Pakistan from Iran, capital cities of both destroyed Northern US
September 2016

Millions of citizens move north hoping to survive the winter in Canada Eastern US
November 2016

All land east of Rocky Mountains falls to zombies Russia
Jan 2017

Russia fights to take back land against zombies, claims both zombie and civilian lives Japan
March 2017

Japan falls to zombie infestation Hope, New Mexico
March 2023

First U.S. victory against zombies Paris, France
October 2025

Paris cleared by surviving refugees, declared safe Chicago, Illinois
August 2026

Chicago cleared Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City and surrounding territories cleared China

China declared zombie-free, the last nation to, ending the war For my Spring Independent Reading Project, I made an interactive map of the events that happened in my book, "World War Z" by Max Brooks. Since the plot takes place around the world, a map would be the best way to show an organized version of a timeline, and my knowledge of the material. The book is about a fictionalized war in which a zombie outbreak leads to the majority of the world's population becoming infected with the virus. Each chapter in the book is a different interview with a person from around the world from before, during, or after the World War Z. This allows for the book to be representitive of a "world" war, not just one set in a single location. The End Each point on the map represents a major outbreak or turning point in the war. Starting in China, the outbreak quickly spread west, cultivating in Africa, Europe, then finally the city of New York where it took over half of the United States. The first major turning point was the Battle of Hope, in New Mexico, seven years after the start of the outbreak. Finally, starting witht he United States and ending in China, the survivors of the war started a systematic sweep of the world, killing all remaining zombies. By Austin Davis
Spring Independent Reading Assignment
5th Period
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