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The Canvas Experiment

No description

David Buck

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Canvas Experiment

fig. 2 What will our roll out look like? How do we achieve balance? Are we fully AWARE? Some fundamental questions: What appears to be
presentable sitting on a lily pad . . . The Experiment may look different on the inside. "The best thing about the future is that it
comes one
day at a time." Howard CC's story about . . . Faculty Students 170 surveys 1,700 surveys What do you want in an LMS? Communication

Assessment/Grade Book

Display of Content Spring 2011 Today! How do we train the users? Branding Implementation
schedule ("man-leading"): The science and theory of understanding and supporting self-directed and autonomous learners. ("child-leading"): The art, science, or profession of teaching. Pedagogy Andragogy Not dichotomous but rather “two ends of a spectrum, with a realistic assumption (about learners) in a given situation falling in between the two ends” (Malcolm Knowles). Natural Critical Learning Environments “Human beings are most likely to learn deeply when they are trying to solve problems or answer questions that they have come to regard as important, intriguing, or beautiful.” "Understanding Great Teaching" -- Ken Bain To answer: What is great teaching? --- We must investigate the learner fears failure, just wants to survive, is it going to be on the exam? Surface Learner: Strategic Learner: wants high grades, figures out what the professor wants, memorizes formulas wants to understand, applies ideas to new problems, adapts with new approaches Deep Learner: and so the experiment continues . . . What do our students want in a professor? 1. Respectful
2. Responsive
3. Knowledgeable
4. Approachable
5. Communicative
6. Organized
7. Engaging
8. Professional
9. Humorous What we have learned thus far . . . Migrating to a new LMS is ______! It's always about the pedagogy, not the technology Fighting through the "fog" of change is essential Innovation is risky, but the rewards are worth it! -- Abraham Lincoln Looking beyond How Did Canvas Do? Spring 2012 Dr. Mohammad Qayoumi
President, San Jose State University
Co-author, "Reinventing Public Higher Education: A Call to Action" good pedagogical choices! To remedy the
crisis in public higher education,
we must reinvent our current approach
to teaching. What can be done now? Use technology to transform teaching and
learning and to enhance what great teachers
and professors do. Allow instructors to
concentrate on learning activities that are
enhanced by state-of-the-art content
delivery. 86% 82% 77% 77% 76% David Buck, Howard Community College
Associate Professor, English
Director of eLearning
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