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Pfizer Prezi 1

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Zakiah Zulkapli

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Pfizer Prezi 1

Mobile Clinic Collaboration Ministry of Health Malaysia Care-A-Van Collaborate with the Aim for Broader Coverage (ABC) campaign;



Ambassador Free mobile health screening unit for family throughout rural areas for over 10 years

Travels to remote areas throughout the year

Our campaign will be extensive movement for Pneumonia
providing subsidized vaccines
in-depth information on the disease Objectives Strategies Target Publics Key Message Goals Channels & Tactics Timeline Evaluation Budget Issues Management Campaign Plan World
Day Where? How? “Pneumonia Day’ will be run whole month

Providing information about pneumonia

Collaborate with hospital and provide professional check-up

Distribute flyer and provide pamphlet at information counter

A talk about pneumonia in collaborating with schools Parent & Teacher Association (PIBG) Who? Pre-schools

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Education

Private Hospital

Government Hospital SWOT
Analysis Background 1) To raise awareness on pneumonia among parents in Malaysia

2) To educate stakeholders on preventive measures of pneumonia among children 1. To increase awareness on pneumonia among parents and educators by 30%

2. To educate stakeholders on preventive measures through events by 20%

3. To increase the level of knowledge on pneumonia among stakeholders in rural areas by 20% through the campaign Primary Target
Parents and Educators

Secondary Target
Ministry of Health Malaysia

Tertiary Target
Media Increase level of awareness of the issue of pneumonia affecting children in Malaysia through various tactics such as event, mobile clinic, print media, online media and radio broadcast with the lobbying of Ministry of Health Malaysia. Pre and Post campaign survey

Percentage of vaccine supplied to hospitals

Number of children who received vaccine during campaign

Media monitoring after event Strength Reputable drug company

Extensive R&D

Cooperated with other organization

Medical Supply Weaknesses Opportunities Threats/Challenges Situation Analysis Global Pneumonia kills an estimated 1.2 million children under the age of five years old

Streptococcus pneumonia – the most common cause of bacterial pneumonia in children
Haemophilus influenza type b (HIB) – the second most common of bacterial pneumonia
In infants infected with HIV, Pneumocylistis Jiroveci – responsible for at least one quarter of all pneumonia deaths Malaysia In Malaysia, the prevalence of pneumonia in children under five is between 28% and 39%

It is the fifth highest cause of death in Malaysian children, contributing 4% of deaths under the age of five years

70% to 80% of Malaysian children who attend government health centres have no access to the pneumococcal vaccine Lack of company exposure to the general public

Not recognized for Pneumonia vaccine

Lacks social media platform Create public awareness on the issue

Establish partnerships with other organization Strict Laws on Medicine Advertising

Many competitors Monetary funding for vaccines

Proposed to MOH to acknowledge the vaccine in their National Immunisation Programme (NIP) Channels Cont'd Channels Sponsors Ministry of Health (MoH)

Fairs and Events Management Sdn Bhd

TCE The Concept Exhibition (M) Sdn Bhd Stakeholders Parents
Pre-Schools Ministry of Health
Potential Parents
NGOs About Pfizer Vision
To be recognised for meeting the diverse medical needs of patients in emerging markets around the world in an innovative, socially responsible and commercially viable manner

Develop bold and innovative partnerships to distinguish Pfizer in the eyes of patients and stakeholders.
Reach more patients than ever before by targeting diseases of the developing world through our global access programmes and work to develop socially responsible, sustainable, and commercially viable healthcare solutions.
Provide patients with more affordable medicines and services and to do this in innovative ways.
Become the leading pharmaceutical company in emerging markets and touch more patients and lives than we have ever touched before. Print Media Mainstream Media
Radio (PSA) Television Talkshow Online Media Vaccine for Children Pneumonia vaccines have shown to substantially reduce pneumonia morbidity and mortality in children Type of vaccine: Prevnar-13 for Infant & Young Children for child aged 6 weeks to 5 years old Other Parenting Magazine Feature Article Brochure & Pamphlet
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