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How to write an abstract

abstract writing explained

John Mulak

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of How to write an abstract

... a what ?
How to write an Abstract
Yea, What is an abstract ?
It tells about your paper
- it should be descriptive and objective
without personal thoughts or refections
it is basically a summary of the contents of a book, essay or scientific paper
It should consist of...

-a motivation
-a problem statement
-your approach
-the results
-and a conclusion
why should we care ?
why is it interesting or important to read your paper ?
What are you trying to find out?
(your objective)

What is the scope of your work?
(your limits)
Problem statement
How did you go about solving ...
(making progress on) the problem?

What was your method?
What is the answer?

What were your findings?
What are the implications of your answer?
How is it important?
limit it to 150 - 200 words
Other considerations
make 6 keywords about your project
...and try to include them in the text
Keep the language consise and objective...
avoid words like "might", "could", "may" if possible
What did you do?
The End
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